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Hogwarts Legacy: Stream to the State of Play Today – Gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy in Live Stream: Today the great gameplay premiere is at the Open World Harry Potter. Sony and Avalanche have announced a new state of play sequence for 22 o’clock, which is mainly about the new action roleplaying. The duration of the show is scheduled for 20 minutes. Like Sony in the PlayStation Blog, spectators may look forward to a 14-minute gameplay premiere at Hogwarts Legacy – the game scenes come from the PS5.

Hogwarts Legacy UPDATE 2022 (First Gameplay Footage + Release Date + State of Play)

Hogwarts Legacy Stream from 22 o’clock

“Since we have introduced Hogwarts Legacy for the first time, the trailer was called on the Youtube channel from PlayStation over 28 million times. We promised to give more priced this year, and now we can finally comply with the promise,” commented on community Manager Chandler Wood. By the way, after the gameplay premiere, you should not shut down the stream to the state of play immediately: Finally, the developers want to grant further insights into Hogwarts Legacy .

Premiere Tonight – With Release Appointment?

Holds our news area in mind: The most important information about the new adventure from the Harry Potter Universe will soon be found on our website. “This is an incredible moment we have worked for a very long time. We can not wait to show you what we work all the time,” complete the developers who are already in the run-up to the state of Play streams a small gameplay Slippers from Hogwarts Legacy published. Whether in the course of the premiere tonight the release date will be announced, remains to be seen. The title is announced for PC and consoles. By the way : Who wants to agree before publication, comes with the Harry Potter Jubilee Edition at his expense.

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