Gran Turismo 7: rain profit

In this GT7 Guide you will learn:

  • How to receive the rain license in Gran Turismo 7
  • How to unlock the trophy “Rainprofi”
  • What you need to do when the trophy was not unlocked

If you want to know what you need to do for all other trophies in the game, looks best in our GT7 Trophy Guide.

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How do I get the rain license in Gran Turismo 7?

Go to the License Center and completes the following three tests in the rain to get the rain license:

  • A-5
  • IB-6
  • IA-7

Tip: It’s enough if you get the bronze medal in the exams. However, it ensures that you do not order from the track or build an accident – this failures the test and you have to start from scratch.

Have your bronze gained in all three exams, you will receive the Bronze Trophy “Rainprofi” .

Return license received, but the trophy is missing?

If you have purchased the rain license before March 10, 2022, you may miss the trophy “rainprofi” . Through a bug in Gran Turismo 7, the trophy was not unlocked – even if you have successfully completed all three exams.

Since the patch on March 10, 2022, however, it is possible to obtain the Rainprofi trophy. To subsequently unlock the trophy , plays one of the three exams again and ends it – no matter how it completes, the trophy should automatically poppen.

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