Steam: embarrassing secret message in gladiators

The Steam community showers a gladiator game with negative reviews and comments. The reason for this is a stunned outbreak in the patch notes for the latest update.

The Gladiator Game Domina has recently received an update with small changes and improvements on Steam – but the Steam community reacts with a shitstorm . The reason reveals itself with closer look: In the patch Notes, the developer Dolphin Barn Incorporated has left a completely retained and tasteless anti-mask tirade.

Steam: Anti-mask developer ensures scandal

For the recent update of her Game Domina, the developer has attached to Steam as usual a brief description of the new content – but instead of focusing on the patch, in the text was a embarrassing, factually incorrect and completely inappropriate message about the Wearing of respiratory protective masks integrated.

In the Tirade, the developer can not believe that men should not believe the lies and when shopping should decrease their masks because they would allegedly prove courage. Maybe they would even get a girlfriend when they showed their face. The text thus mixes sexism with anti-mask conspiracy theories , is written in an offensive and condescending tone and lacks any actual basis.

“Take Off the FKN Masks – Next Time You’re at the Grocery Store, Try Showing A Woman Your Face. Be Confident, Unafraid of the Read – You Might Get a Girlfriend. Women like Confidence. Women Do not Like Dudes Who Cover Their Faces in Fear. What Are You Afraid of? Getting Laid? Grow up. ” (Source: Steam)

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Community reacts to tirade with protatory trips

While Domina previously had a very positive evaluation on Steam, recent evaluations are predominantly negative and attract the general rating down. Most of the something more than 940 recent reviews criticize the absurd utterances of the developer.