WhatsApp: New update changed group chats clearly

The Messenger service wants to approach fake news. Some users expect a great changeover.

Dortmund – the ability to forward messages at WhatsApp should be severely restricted. This measure makes it difficult to distribute fake news. The update of the messenger service should soon come into force – at least for some users, as message * reports.

Group chats at WhatsApp: Update The app prevents the spread of fake news

For now, according to only Android users should be affected by the conversion. This is all the faster for this, because the change for group chats should already be included in the next Android version. Already now dive in the app the indication if you want to use the forwarding function.

After the innovation, forwarded message should then only be shared with a single group chat without further detours. The reason for the new and stronger restrictions at WhatsApp is still unclear. It is certain, however, that there is a lot of change – especially the dynamics of the group chats. But another popular function has been edited and should not be free soon *.

WhatsApp Group Chat: How to Restrict News For Users

Currently, messages in the app can be readily easily and without a limited number. Users only need to select the message and can then send them to any number of chats and groups. That should change now, however (more digital * neews at message).

Consumers should be able to share a forwarded message due to the innovation only with a single group chat. As soon as a message to be sent to other group chats, it must be clicked again and forwarded. The procedure is much more bother than before for the users concerned. In addition, you should pay attention to what you ship, because some content is forbidden and punished *.

Groups at WhatsApp: Already in the past, restrictions on forwarding

WhatsApp has already made restrictions in the past. For forwarded messages, the Messenger service differs between “forwarded” and “frequently forwarded”. The latter indicates that a message does not necessarily come from a narrow acquaintance. Recognizing frequently forwarded messages were on the double arrow.

For these messages, only a forwarding to a chat should be possible. “In our opinion, it is important to slow the spread of such news so WhatsApp continues to remain a place for personal conversations,” said it then. The reason for limitation should have been the proliferation of misinformation. Before some messages, which are mainly sent to parents, even warns the police, as * knows.

WhatsApp group chat gets update: Now wins this feature of popularity?

How to seprate chat and group in whatsapp
Through the restrictions, it should already give first votes according to, which assume that soon another function could win to popularity. These are the broadcast messages at WhatsApp.

These messages can be sent to up to 256 contacts. The recipients do not receive the notification that the message was also sent to other persons. _ * message and HNA.DE are part of the editorial network

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