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LOL – The first changes come to LEC equipment: Astralis says Goodbye to Promisq and Whiteknight

Just finally ended the regular phase of the Spring Split of LEC 2022 , but the teams that have not fulfilled the objective are already preparing the summer phase in the elite of the European League of Legends. The fastest has been Astralis, who has said goodbye to Promisq and Whiteknight after a season and a half in the team. Farewell that arrives after those three ‘Splits’ have never been able to reach the playoffs, this time staying in the last position with only three victories.

Unavoidable farewells for Summer Split of LEC

In response to the results of the organization, it seems inevitable that you carry out adjustments in the template for the summer stage of the European competitive. The technical body has decided to bet on Kobbe , considered a franchise player; Zanzarah , the best valued of the team and a Dajor that just just debuted in the elite and has a lot to be demonstrated. In this way, the Danish set will look for two pieces to replace Whiteknight and Promisq with which they can compete for the playoffs in summer.

VIT vs. AST - Week 8 Day 3 | LEC Spring Season | Vitality vs. Astralis (2022)

As for the future of the Descartes, it should be noted that Whiteknight has been one of the few players who has managed to return to LE after a first stage in the elite of the competition. The Finn has not had the best campaign of him, but during season 11 he was one of the few positive news for an astralis that fell to pieces. However, It seems that the immediate future of him will be, along with Promisq in taking a step back . Although both could go something fair for the maximum European competition, the teams of the League of Legends National Leagues could well benefit from their incorporation.

Although it is time for many teams to carry out the ‘_operation “, it is expected that the new additions are dilated until the end of the playoffs . The teams involved in the eliminations of the different competitions of League of Legends in Europe will not want to carry out movements until their destination in League resolves. After this, the European Masters and MSI 2022 will still be played before the large regional tournaments return.