The last update of GTA Online presents tons of double and triple bonuses

A new update is now available GTA online, and this time, Rockstar offers many ways for players to obtain bonuses. During the next week, players will receive double GTA for completing a short trip, as well as a global GTA $ 100,000 bonus for completing one before the end of the week. To sweeten the deal, Rockstar is also delivering an elegant article Black Sa Fitted Cap for completing a short trip. The Hunting Pack (Remix) offers the same double of GTA $, as well as double RP.

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It is always good to get double rewards, but triple rewards are even better; The players will receive precisely that competing in Air Races. The activities of the flight school will also pay twice on RP and GTA $. All these rewards are only active during the week, but the game smugglers’ sales missions give the triple GTA $ and RP until March 23, which is a bit sweeter!

Players seeking a new wheel game this week can hook the COMET S2 Cabrio pfister. To get the award-winning tour of this week, players must win Pursuit Races five days in a row. Of course, players can always give Lucky Wheel a chance at The Diamond Casino & Resort. This week, the first prize is the Ubermacht Zion Classic. If none of those options look exciting, Test Track has three cars to try, and two of them have special discounts. The bravado Buffalo STX currently has a 25% discount, while the Tulip declays have a 30% discount. You can also take the Schlagen GT benefactor for a walk before buying it, but you will pay the full price in that case. The Grotti Cheetah Classic does not appear on Test Track, but it can be achieved with a 30% discount.

Those are not the only discounts this week! All the merchandise sold in the Studios record gift shop can be purchased with a 30% discount. Hangars and improvements also received a discount of 40%. In general, it seems that players will have many opportunities to obtain additional rewards and great deals in the coming days!

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