This is the new iPad Air with 5G technology

The most recent Apple event not only revealed us the new iPhone SE , but now it is also time to talk about a new model of the iPad Air. ** That’s right, who are looking for an improved version of this Popular tablet will be very satisfied with all the novelties that this new model will enter, and here we give you the details about your specifications, price and availability.

Apple Unveils New IPad Air, IPhone SE, Speedier M1 Chip
To begin with, it was announced that this new ipad air will use the chip m1 which, according to apple , is the most powerful chip you can find on portable devices. This will give you the new iPad Air all the power you need to carry out any type of task and activity, while at the same time, it will offer a durable battery that should be quite happy with users. For the front we also have a new camera Ultra Wide of 12 megapixels and of course, it will also have compatibility with 5g **, as expected.

This new ipad will be available next March 18 in two configurations of 64GB and 256GB. ** Your price will start from $ 600.