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COM2US JAPAN, who serves mobile games for smartphones, COM2US JAPAN, in iOS / Android, has announced that the Dot Strategy PRG “Eternal Saga: The Mercenary of the Lost Country” has been officially released.

COM2US JAPAN, COM2US JAPAN, who serves mobile games for smartphones, IOS / Android will notify you of the Dot Strategy PRG “Eternal Saga: Mercenary of the Lost Country” will be announced.

# Com2us Holdings, new work “Eternal Saga: Mercenary of the Lost Country” officially released in Japan!

ETERNAL SAGA (HOW TO) Mercenaries - General guide on how to play the game. Club Wisdom 8
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# Large-scale war game crashing with highly immersive stories and hundreds of mercenaries

“Eternal Saga: The Mercenary of the Lost Country” is a strategy RPG game that will collect his companions and organize the mercenary and regain the lost memory.

The mercenary can organize units in different races and soldiers such as “human” “Oak” and “Elves”. Any of the “Elf” units, you can also formulate any mixing unit of all races.

It is the tactics and command to decide the outcome.
Conducting the armor, such as an assaulting format that rushes the equestrian soldier, or a shooting team that gives a long distance attack with a shooter, and to conduct a unit.
Combine a wide variety of formations Let’s create your own mercenary team!

In addition, it is a game where you can enjoy collecting the collection, such as collecting mercenaries from a few hundred types of graphics and character illustrations that are nostalgic, and collect mercenaries, and collect items.

“Eternal Saga: The Host Country Mercenary” also contains a variety of content.

A dungeon “tribal battle” that breaks the Castle of the Ally Castle and attacking the opponent’s castle, including the PVP content, including the strength of the player, and the dungeon that breaks the opponent’s castle and breaks the opponent’s Castle and destroys the crystal Various content such as “is provided.
Furthermore, by giving an item to the character, the loyalty is rising, and there are a lot of elements that can be played, such as “loyal system”, such as HP recovery, attack power, and various parameters such as defense power.

# Now you can earn items needed to strengthen the strength with login!

In addition, you can now get the items you need to strengthen the strategy, such as “Heroes Summon Tickets” and “Hero Selection Tickets”, “Hero Selection Tickets”, and “Seoul Weapon Summoner” and “Seoul Weapon Summoner”.

By all means, let’s play “Eternal Saga: Mercenary of the Lost Country” on this occasion.

Product Summary

“Eternal Saga: Lost Country Mercenary” iOS version OS: iPhone 7 or higher delivery: March 8, 2022 Price: Basic play free (item charge system) rights notation: (C) 2020-2022 King Media. All Rights Reserved. Published by Com2us Holdings Corp. ▼ appstore https://apps.apple.com/app/id1573550944

“Eternal Saga: Lost Country Mercenary” Android Version OS: Android OS 6.0 or more / RAM 2G or more Delivered: March 8, 2022 Price: Basic Play Free (Item Purchase System) Rights: (C) 2020-2022 King Media. All rights reserved. Published by Com2us Holdings Corp. ▼ Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playside.fq&hl=ja&gl=us

Please play by all means.
We look forward to your continued support of Eternal Saga: The Mercenary of the Lost Country.

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