Postsken, smoke on October 11 to improve quality

The launch date of the new ARPG ‘POSPOK’, which is developed by Luminous Productions in Square Enix, was postponed from May 24 to October 11. Also, as the release date of the main function is postponed, the release date of the prequal DLC ‘phosphoken: In Tanta We Trust’, which was scheduled to launch in winter, was also postponed in spring 2023.

The Luminous Productions shared this news through Twitter, and listened to the ‘quality improvement’. To give gamers to give the best experience, we will focus on trying to refine the game for about five months in the future. In fact, the game play video released on December last December has shown that it is somewhat sorry to optimize it separately from its excellent graphics. Every time I write a gorgeous skill during battle, I have frequent frames.

‘Phosphen’ is a game that is a journey that was experiencing a magical world by flying to Magic World Asia (Athia) by the unknown force of “Frasholland” which was a hard life in New York. It is a magical bracelet cuff that is filled with arms around the side of the fray that is unknown. The journey of the journey and the counselors, and the common weapon, the cuff, as well as a powerful magic, as well as Asia. Now the Fra should be a journey to prevent the brake phenomenon that destroys Asia and return to the original world.

Magic Paka is a special force that helps the world of huge Asia. It is a great help in a variety of ways to move on the wall, as well as riding a wall, as well as fast moving and moving fast moving to a fast-moving wire, so that it is safely falling from high places.

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Another feature is a magical battle. The fra can be used to combine a variety of magic, a multiple magic of the installation, emission, scope, close, and attack magic. The magic can be changed by manipulating the ring menu and can be changed according to the taste or style.

‘Phosphen’ is released on November 10, PC, PS5, and format Korean subtitles.