Kat of Gravity Rush withdrawn from the promotion of the International Womens Day on PS5

Poor old kat. The protagonist of Gravity Rush and the favorite of the faithful of Playstation seems to have been crossed by a reused artwork for the International Women’s Day in a promo on the Boutique PS . To mark the opportunity, Sony famous games with female protagonists, like Horizon Forbidden West and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

However, the fans have noticed a modification of the illustration, as shown below:

The original image introduced Kat and Sackgirl on the right side of the wallpaper, but both were removed. We will go out on one branch and suggest that it is not harmful because it seems that the two characters have been cropped to make room for the icon that Sony has added at the top right. We are sure that the graphic designer who committed this Capital sin did innocently.

For clarity, here is the original illustration not edited, with Kat included:

All of Kats Costumes in Gravity Rush 2 (including DLC)
Image: PlayStation

In the end, this will remain as another example of Sony’s ill-treatment to heroin upside down, after closing the game servers in 18 months and the bedding of the entire franchise shortly after. Creator Keiichiro Toyama has since left Japan Studio, and in fact all the studio has been closed. But we will never forget you, Kat!