Battlefield 2042: unpopular than three of its predecessors

Here’s Why Battlefield 3 Crushes Battlefield 2042
There is still no good news for Battlefield 2042. The latest part of the First-person shooter series from the developer DICE has been making heavy times since publishing.

There were already various shifts, petitions and it was even sought for other studios a guilty for the bad start. The last news prove all the difficulties with numbers and facts. So on 04 March the maximum number of online players on Steam at Battlefield 2042 was within 24 hours with just 2,090. At Battlefield 4, it was 2,195, at Battlefield 1 7.498 and Battlefield V Whole 21,709.

Battlefield 4 appeared in October 2013 and Battlefield 2042 in November 2021. If over 100 players prefer a eight year old predecessor of a new iteration from their own house, there is urgent need for action.

This year still offers a lot for Battlefield 2042. The Season One was postponed by February on summer 2022 and a new scoreboard should be added. In addition, this was announced in early March that you will gradually change the maps, but these changes will probably enter into force at the earliest from summer, starting with kaleidoscope.