Andriy Shevchenko calls Russias president Vladimir Putin “Murderer”

The Ukrainian football national hero Andriy Shevchenko calls Russia’s President Vladimir Putin a “murderer” and begs for his family. “I tried to bring my mother and other relatives to come to London, but they do not want to leave Kyiv. That’s the Ukrainian mind,” said Shevchenko of the Italian newspaper la repubblica.

Since the Russian attack he focuses on day and night only how he could help his country and his people. “I think of how I can collect donations, as I can make sure that the rest of the world is constantly informed about the tragedy in Ukraine,” said the 49-year-old, who had recently trained the FC Genoa.

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In his video message last before the Milan Cup Derby, Shevchenko had read an appeal for peace and support: “We need help, we need medications. This is one of the most difficult moments in the Ukrainian history, even if the people is tiled. Each minute delay Can be deadly, the time pushes. “