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FINAL FANTASY 14: The program of update 6.1 unveiled

While waiting for the turn on Final Fantasy 16, producer Naoki Yoshida still spends most of his time talking about Final Fantasy 14, as evidenced by his new program devoted to the program of update 6.1.

Expected in mid-April, this first major update since the exit of the Endwalker chapter will add as usual new quest for the epic, an episodic secondary quest, a new Alliance raid for 24 players, a new quest for Job or Still new products for the JCJ. Here is the detail provided by Square Enix who also posted the official website of this update entitled Newfound Adventure.

Update Program 6.1

And other updates, including adjustments to the jobs, a new part + for Endwalker and a part of 6.1, new hairstyles for the hrothagars, more mirage boards or the possibility of trying the objects of the Game shop.

A mmo ever more playable solo

FFXIV Endwalker - Live Letter #69 (Detalles sobre el parche 6.1)

As part of its operation to make Final Fantasy 14 ever more attractive for solitary players, Square Enix has also returned to the new reinforcement system. From the update 6.1, all dungeons and four-person challenges of the epic of Chapter 2.0 (A Realm Reborn) can be played with NPCs. The reinforcement system will still be extended in the future to support the content of 2.x updates and then the Heavensward extension.

And then

Finally, Square Enix has unveiled a first overview of 6.1x updates that will include the next Fatal Raid (the War of Dragons Singing), always more appended and tribal quests as well as the possibility of traveling between data centers.