Ghost of Tsushima 2 development? Curry punch up

Is it suggesting ?

In March 2022, the US ‘Cycker Punch Production’, which developed , has updated the development of the developer recruitment. We are recruiting developers across a variety of fields, including system designers and programmers, and it was confirmed that in the field of ‘combat design’.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 - annoucement Trailer

The noticeable point is that in the combat design field recruitment announcement, we have to understand the core system of “Ghost of Tsushima>” as a requirement. Formally, the development of is not confirmed, but some fans have anticipation that the subsequent work can be developed.

The serke punch production is SIE Located in Washington, USA. The <Ghost of Tsushima, which deals with the Japanese expedition of the original, was launched to achieve a new IP, which was released in 10 years, and has been invited to achieve an official sales volume of 8 million. So Sony announced that was scheduled to be filmed through Chad Star Healthki, which is famous for the series.