1. FC Cologne may welcome more fans

Football Bundesligist 1. FC Cologne can welcome more viewers punctually at the start of the second stage in the Corona Opening Plan as expected in its own stadium.

For the home game on Sunday (17:30 clock) against the TSG Hoffenheim, the health department Cologne has released 37,500 seats. This was announced by the club on Thursday evening.

1.fc köln fans vor spiel beginn im stadion in london,,come on fc

This capacity increase is possible within the framework of the current Corona protection regulation, “which allows the competent authorities in combination with a sustainable hygiene and infection protection concept to provide exemptions.” Access only receives who fulfills the 2G-Plus rule, and the mask obligation applies throughout the stadium.

On Friday, the second phase begins as part of the three-stage plan of the Federal Government for easing the Corona measures. This also has an impact on major events to which the games of the Football Bundesliga count.

As a guideline, a utilization of up to 75 percent was first, but not more than 25,000. In the Cologne Stadium 50,000 spectators, 37,500 spectators mean a 75 percent capacity utilization.