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The release date of Last Remnant Remastered for PS4 was in 2018, while the game arrived on Nintendo Switch earlier in 2019. Now, after finally arrived on mobile, for Android and iOS, we looked at the remill. This acclaimed role-playing title originally released in 2008. Square Enix has kept the game entirely under his wing, since his creation until his arrival on mobile, and the game has amassed all that follows on all The platforms, becoming today a very important title.

Development and Home

As mentioned, Square Enix is ​​the studio that has developed and published this game and all its iterations, adaptations and versions to date. They built it in the Unreal Engine, and it aimed to provide the public with an experience that would go in a different direction from that of similar popular games of that time, like Final Fantasy or Saga, but the development team had Members who worked on these games in the past.

To date, this remastered title has conquered the PS4, the Nintendo Switch and now the iOS and Android mobile platforms. The reception of the mobile version is very positive, as was the case for all the previous iterations. On Google Play, The Last Remantant Remastered Android currently has 4.2 stars, while iOS version on the iTunes App Store has 3.5 stars, but both scores come from too few votes to be relevant right now. It would be better to look at the receipt of other versions for other platforms, which were all very positive.


The game takes place of course in a fictitious world, which is inhabited by four different species. There are several cities-states, which can be considered fractions, while the world is quite magical, or better, magic appears in various forms at various locations. We enter as Rush Sykes, which is from the human race, and looking for his sister. However, the war is raging and that in itself poses a challenge for us, while discovering the mystery of its disappearance.


First, The Last Remnant has always been congratulated for its unique combat system, which was essential to differentiate this game from other similar fantastic RPGs. Mainly, we control several unions, that is to say groups of characters in combat, not one, our main protagonist. The battle is a game of the game, while the other part is the world map and the world area through which Rush Sykes and its partisans travel. The world area is the place where the RPG aspect is reflected, because we can talk to anyone present in the world on the map area or exit the map screen. The areas themselves are in 3D. There are also quests, secondary scenarios and the progression of the characters who make this game an RPG.


As mentioned, the 3D environment was great at the time for PCs or other consoles, and this game was part of all the progress of the game industry. Now, on this mobile version, with graphics and models. Still improved, the 3D remains quite fresh and the game certainly seems progressive as it has always been. Models, animations and other details are all pretty clear in this remastered version, while always bringing the look of the old school in the 2000s.


For the fans of the original game The Last Remnant, there is no particular need for recommendation or examination for the chances they already play in the remill. If you are new in this game and you want to play there on your mobile device, it certainly brings its look that is so appreciated in the last ten years. However, even now, as a remastered game, this title marks a progression of all RPG genre for mobile games, in appearance, gameplay and narration.



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This title marks a progression of all RPG genre for mobile games, in appearance, gameplay and narration.

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