ELDEN RING DIALLOS QUESTLINE GUIDE: Where to find Lanya and the mountain gelmir

When you arrive at the Tafel Round in Elden Ring, asks you a noble name Diallos to look for your travels after a young woman called Lanya. He does not say much about the situation, but he’s worried that Lanya has brought himself into trouble and he can not look for her myself. That is, it is up to you to track the missing companion of this man, but he does not have the slightest idea where he should start looking for. Fortunately, you can find Lanya on your trip very early. Here’s where you can find Lanya in Elden Ring.

Where is Lanya in Elden Ring?

Lanya is located in the center of Liurnia of the lakes directly next to it Academy Gate Town , which is a short distance southeast of the Raya Lucaria Academy. You can see your exact location on the map below. There is a place of grace nearby, so you should be able to teleport yourself from anywhere on the map to your location as long as you were already in this place.

What happens when you find Lanya

If you arrive at the Academy Gate Town, you will hear diallos’ voice. You can follow the sound of his voice and discover that Lanya is dead on the ground. Diallos swears that he gets on the revenge that the poor Lanya did that, and thus begins a whole quest row that turns around him and his newly discovered search. You will find dillos later again in Roundtable holding where he will tell you that he is looking for a place on “ mountain He does not come found on the old street, which leads from the city of windmills to the west.”

How to find dillos on the mountain gelmir

Berg He does not come is located in the northwestern region of the map, but Diallos is on the way to a specific place on the mountain gelmir. This place is Volcano Manor found in the western part of the Atlus Plateau region. The easiest way to reach the Atlus plateau is the use of the Grand Lift by Dectus , for whose activation both halves of the Dectus medallion are required. The windmills mentioned Diallos are located on the northern edge of the Atlus Plateau. Just follow the road to the west from there to find the Volcano Manor, and continue the quest series.

Lanya's Location: Where to Find Diallos's Servant Lanya | Elden Ring
When you arrive in Volcano Manor, join them to get the saloon keys . If you use the key, you will find Diallos There is waiting for you. We will not reveal where our friend lands, but make sure you make all of his dialoglines before they go. You can then talk later in the game after victory with diallos old knight isvan for the inhabitants of Volcano Manor, and that seems to be the last time that diallos has some news to say.

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