Com2us Holdings Poker Tower Defense, New Hero Shuffer Update

Com2us Holdings (representative law) announced on the 24th that the new ‘Poker Tower Defense‘ is updated.

In this update, the new hero ‘Shuffler’ appears for the first time to protect the Diamond Kingdom. The shuffler can replace the card in the queue with a new card, and the skill point has increased due to a certain probability of matching the card.

He also introduces a legendary ‘Clover Odd Kids and a rare card’ Space Eau ‘. If you satisfy specific conditions, you can increase the attack rate, resulting in a spread of the enemy, adding the fun of strategy and collection.

User convenience is also further improved. The ‘Arena’ content, which you can enjoy PVP, if you are upgraded to the upper Arena, you will be changed so that you can not enter the Child Arena, making it easier to find the opponent to match the level. The ‘Cooperative Exhibition’ is changed to continue to enjoy the game without interruption, even if the connection of the contents of the content is broken, and a pleasant game environment is created.

In addition to this, the reward of ‘friendly exhibition’ can be further acquired through the use of goods and advertisements in the game, and the growth rate is faster.

Poker Tower Defense (by Com2uS Holdings Corporation) - tower defense strategy for Android and iOS.

Com2us Holdings’ self-development new, ‘Poker Tower Defense’ combines colorful fun elements such as poker rules, strategy, collection, growth, collaboration, competition, and competition.