Sexist discrimination: Sony calls on the court to reject the complaint of its former employee

Last November, a former Employee in the Computer Security Department of PlayStation Network lodged a complaint against Sony Interactive Entertainment, in a tense context that already struck publishers like Activision and Ubisoft. Emma Majo believed that he had been abusive dismissal for denouncing what she has perceived as a discriminatory culture against him and that of women in general.

Today, the Axios site informs us of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s response, which denies the charges of its former employee and asked the Tribunal to dismiss the complaint on the grounds that it is not based on any demonstrated. With its complaint, Emma Majo wants to train other women who worked for Playstation to set up a class action. But for the time being, she opposes the denial of the lawyer of Sony Interactive Entertainment which denies the acts denounced by the complainant.

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“_Maggus the great expanse of its lawsuit, including allegations, Emma Majo seized categorically failed to submit facts that support its individual claims or those on behalf of the vast categories of women it seeks to represent”, wrote the lawyer of the company. In her complaint, Emma Majo ensures that Sony systematically pays women less than men for similar work and that she was ignored by her male superiors. It also denounces the lack of promotions and ensures that it has been dismissed for an obscure reason after submitting a complaint for sexual discrimination.

In response, Sony Interactive Entertainment states that Emma Majo “is not able to identify a single policy, practice or procedure at SIE which would have been the basis of generalized intentional discrimination or which would have had a discriminatory impact on Women_ “, can we read. Emma Majo is putting pressure for his complaint to become a collective action on behalf of women who worked for PlayStation. But sees a conflict of interest since, according to the company, all the managers of Emma Majo since 2017 were women, some of which are also accused of discrimination by Majo.