Are there microTransactions or booty boxes in Halo Infinite?

Harm Infinity The release date of this game is only in a few months, but there are still many things we do not know about the game. There is an air of mystery around one of the launch titles of the Xbox Series X – even after the Xbox Games Showcase of July – and what concerns players is the potential for inclusion of microtransactions.

HALO Infinite Battle Pass Explained & Halo Infinite Microtransactions Could Be A Problem?

Microtransactions and booty safes have been introduced in the games in recent years and are despised by players because of companies that are trying to increase their profits through game sales. There has always been the possibility that halo infinite will have microtransactions, then is there still confirmation in one direction or the other?

Fortunately, there are some. An article Halo Waypoint, written by the head of the community 343 John Junyszek as a result of the live broadcast of Xbox Games Showcase in July, gave us a definitive answer. Junyszek confirmed that halo infinite will not have real money microtransactions or booty boxes as part of its game mechanisms.

This means that you will not be obliged to spend real money to buy cosmetics, currency in the game or anything else that could lead to suggestions Harm Infinity is a “pay-to-win” title. It is a welcome step of 343 industries, and guarantees that it is a less thing for Helo fans to worry about the launch.

Of course, real money microtransactions do not necessarily mean that booty boxes in the game currency will not be used. If there is a currency system at stake in halo infinite however, you will gain by playing the game. You will not have to use your own money to buy new skins and other objects.

343 revealed that he will speak of halo infinite the multiplayer component of before the launch, then I hope they will say more about the crank booty boxes of the game or the microtransactions when they do. If nothing else, it will make everyone comfortable, especially those who have not seen the article Halo Waypoint at this point.