This valorant bot is basically a cypher

If you always wanted to pursue your Valorant statistics if you are not in the game, then you can do exactly with the publication of a new discord bot.

Accept reddit, the creator of the bot’s name “just-for-rval,” explains that they have worked on a discord bot that can be integrated into valorant. The bot is called espionage cameradies is an indication of the capability of the valorant character Cypher of the same name in the game, with which players can place a spy camera on the map to collect information about the opposition.

Spycam uses Riot’s official API to retrieve the statistics and the integrated slash commands of Discord to control the bot within the program itself. If you are using the / HELP command notifies Discord every time you or your friends play a game of valorant, and inform you about what kind of match was played, the score, the K / D ratios, which card was played and much more.

What 1000 Hours of CYPHER Looks Like

With the / Profile command in Discord, you can view all your statistics of the Act, in which you are currently playing, including profit / loss ratio, headshot percentage and more. In the meantime, you can view statistics with the command / Streak statistics for your current profit or loss series, e.g. B. the elapsed time and the total KDA.

Since they have posted on Spycam, Just-for-Rval says that they quickly reached the 100-server border and that Spycam is now on a waiting list to be fully verified by Discord to make it more servers can be spread.

If you are an enthusiastic Valorant player, apart from the installation of Spycam, maybe you want to know when you can go to the Valorant night market, or find out which characters are overwhelmed in our valorant agent ranking, so that you can rankle rows and Destroy the opposition.