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League of Legends: Wild Rift recovers the voice chat

League of Legends: Wild cracks The voice chat function will return at the next update, Riot Games announced this week. The patch 3.0 will bring the return of the voice chat option that will be limited to a test in America for now before reaching other regions later. Riot also explained what happened with the previous iteration of the voice chat that was available makes several updates and explained how this new version should be better with fewer problems.


The return of the voice chat was announced on social networks and in the wild-party site this week before its limited arrival. Riot’s Communications Leader for Salvaje_, Ben Forbes, cited “interesting development problems” as the reason why a time has passed since the voice chat returned to the game, although he added that probably there will also be some “quality problems or performance »with this test execution. For that reason, a beta version is being considered.

A couple of problems that affected the first round of voice chat tests were also discussed in the publication, which can be seen in the previous link for those who wish to see a deeper discussion. The problems included microphones that were activated when they should not do so, low volumes and microphones that were as if they were active when they were not. All this meant that after the voice chat was eliminated to work on some of the initial problems, other problems that further delayed the launch continued to appear.

Now, however, with those problems with resolved luck, the voice chat is coming back so that players can better coordinate their ambushes and pushes and other efforts in the wild, next to colleagues.

“Then! From the patch 3.0, we will bring back the voice chat in the Americas, with other regions to follow, “Forbes said. “They will be a minimum of two weeks in the Americas only while monitoring and verified their comments, and if we see some significant quality or performance problem, we will change the plan as necessary.”

Again, this test will only be limited to the Americas at the moment, but if it is in a different region and also wants to try the voice chat, be attentive upon arrival to another place.