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On February 23, 2022 it is finally time and Patch 9.2 comes to the live servers from WOW: Shadowlands. With this we not only get new content donated, but also experience the grand finale of a story that took a long time ago. To spoil the end of the end, the developers have not tested some parts on the PTR this time – among other things, the last three bosses of the upcoming battles mausoleum of the first . Also, we talked about the WOW developers in an interview with the WOW developers.

Maria Hamilton (Lead Quest Designer) and Pat Dawson (Production Director) not only revealed why they are looking forward to the great conclusion of the Shadowlands, but also which challenges with the return of animal Sets associated with why the decoupling of the Player Power from other content will not remain a unique thing, as they make sure that the final three bosses will not be considered unplayable and what the big role of the Council players already played for patch 9.2. Especially the latter highlighted the developers again and again.

Developer interview to patch 9.2

We have clearly summarized the most important points of the interview for you. The entire interview can be found unabridged on the second page of this article.

  • The story of patch 9.2 was in the first place. The quest designers determine the way and the remaining developers then fit the gameplay elements in this regard.
  • But even the quest designers do not know the entire upcoming story. You will be informed only about the rough frame and enjoy many freedoms in the implementation.
  • Why the final chapter of the Patch 9.2 campaign was removed on the PTR, the developers did not want to reveal us. Not, whether it will eventually be submitted.
  • The ciphers of the first are a great feature of patch 9.2. However, they have no influence on the Player Power. Source: WOW developers With the decoupling of the Player Power from the other content in patch 9.2, the developers want to create that everyone can play the game as much as he likes it. No one should feel forced to play content regularly that does not have fun.
  • If the players take good care, it will not be a unique thing, but will continue to be maintained in the future.
  • The requirements of players at Wow have changed in recent years and the developers want to adapt WOW to it.
  • The current PTR stand is pretty much exactly what we can expect to release.
  • Addressed for missing content such as buyable sockets for the equipment, the developers only answered that not everything is missing just because we currently can not see it.
  • In addition, the developers will not adjust the work on the patch. Even after the release, things will be adjusted when this customization needs.
  • Although many borrowed power systems (eg pact skills) fly from the game at the end of an extension, the developers have no problems with taking parts of these features if the players have positive them. So today we see parts of the island expeditions in Torghast and parts of the garrison in the pacts. Whole features are probably more likely to be taken over.
  • In the design of the animal set bonuses, the developer is about what kind of gameplay aspect of a class would give extra fun. The balancing and tuning comes after only

Source: Blizzard Source: Blizzard

  • The possibility to carry a second legendary in Shadowlands was always present. Even if that was not decided in such a way, it was a logical decision. It was much more about the question of when and in what form players should have access.
  • With regard to balancing so many systems and features, the developers have little headaches. Rather, they are curious about which curious synergies they might not have on the note are scorned by the high-end players. If adjustments are necessary, then they are also carried out.
  • Many adjustments in the course of the PTR are due to the Council of the players. The developers are enthusiastic about the ability to find constructive feedback collected in a place without having to search endless forums. It also helps enormously that in the Council of the players, a few, but players from all relevant areas come together.
  • The fact that the final three bosses were not tested on the PTR and only available in the second week is not primarily because it can be better told the story. Above all, the developers did not want to fire the voltage element.
  • The final three bosses in the mausoleum of the first were not tested on the PTR. Source: Blizzard The players should really only experience the great final of history on the live server and at the same time the developers are very excited about what happens when the guilds and RAIDs finally have to blind in a boss again. With stretching content, however, this has nothing to do.
  • So that the bosses are not totally puzzled, two mechanics grab. On the one hand, the bosses have been tested internally Zigach from teams from (former) high-end raiders. And the developers are prepared to play customizations and hotfixes when they release in wind parts, as they will (as always) watch the first groups live in the game.
  • A simultaneous start of the World First Race will not give it for the time being. The circumstances for other players would be too big and the impact on the race too small. The developers keep the topic in view.

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* Whether the Chairman really dies in patch 9.2 the developers did not betray us.
* Developers are aware that not all players will be satisfied with the end of the story – that would simply be impossible. But they are good things that most players will be happy with the end.
* The developers do not have such great problems with leaks or databiners. Of course you would prefer if the players experience everything as intended by them. But they are very enthusiastic about seeing how much passion and enthusiasm the players develop.

  • Neither to the character adjustment packets nor at a replacement event of the BlizzConline (both have been announced several months ago, without then information followed) the developers wanted to comment on the current time. But both are not off the table.
  • And also the existing influence of Microsoft to the current and upcoming development wanted (or better allowed) the developers unfortunately do not comment.

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