New Arkham Knight and Injustice 2 DC Multiverse Figure Pre

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McFarlane Toys continues its Avalanche of DC Multiverse releases with three new Figures of the Batman video games: Arkham Knight and injustice 2. The alignment includes Green Arrow and reverse Flash of injustice 2 next to The Arkham Knight. The details about each new figure and where you reserve can be found below.

Batman: Arkham Knight Arkham Figure Knight ($ 19.99) – Book at Entertainment Earth: The 7-inch scale action figure from Arkham Knight has up to 22 articulation points and a variety of accessories. These accessories include 2 smoke pomegranate, a staple launcher, a base and a collectible art card.

NEW! 2022 DC Multiverse McFarlane Toys Reveals | Arkham Knight, Green Arrow, and Reverse Flash

“In addition to the discovery of a militia training center in South America, nothing is known about Arkham Knight until he arrived at Gotham City, where he quickly earned an intrepid reputation among the main criminals of the city. Working together with ScaRecrow, he has sworn to destroy Batman and will not stop at anything until he is defeated. “

injustice 2 FLASH FIGURE INVERSE ($ 19.99) – Reservation at Entertainment Earth: The 7-inch scale action figure of Inverse Flash of injustice 2 presents up to 22 moving parts, 3 parts of couplable Speed ​​Force rays, A base and an art card.

“Obsessed with discovering the secret of supervice, a 25th century scientist called Professor Eobard Thawne traveled in time to meet him, Flash’s idol. However, when he knew he was destined to become a villain and die in the hands of Scarlett Speedster, Thawne went crazy and became reverse-flash.reverase-flash Take advantage of the power of Negative Speed ​​Force, which It gives you many of the same superpowers that Flash, but also allows you to travel over time. He often uses this ability to wreak havoc in temporary current and torment Flash ».

Injustice 2 Green arrow figure ($ 19.99) – Book at Entertainment Earth: The 7-inch scale action figure of the green arrow of injustice 2 presents up to 22 moving parts, an arc, a carcaj, arrows, a base and an art card.

“It has been a path well traveled by the Emerald archer, since Oliver Queen of this land gave the life of him in the fight against the regime. Now, as an alternative, Ollie intervenes to honor that sacrifice, he will join Him’s wife Black Canary on Batman’s crusade to fix things. “

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