Lost ARK: Server are offline, developers work on shortening the queues

Anyone who wanted to gamble the new Amazon MMO at the Free2Play release of Lost Ark this weekend looked pretty much in the tube: Either we stuck in endless long queues – or the servers were offline for maintenance work. That’s exactly what’s just the case again, on February 13, 2022 since 8:00 pm German time. But the server has a good reason and hopefully improves the queue situation.

Serverdown as a “basis” for higher capacities

Because how the developers have announced in an official forum contribution, they want to increase the capacities of the European servers during maintenance work. Thus, the team says the extensive queue the fight:

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How exactly the developers want to increase the server capacities do not explain. In the forum contribution, however, it is said:
“_We work active […] to check different ways to reduce queue times and to gain more players access to the game. We will express ourselves in more detail as soon as possible. […] These maintenance are one Important step that puts the basics that more players [LOST ARK] can play. “

Even if Amazon and SmileGate RPG are actively working to shorten the queues of Lost Ark, you should not make you too much hopes that the situation improves significantly after the end of maintenance. After all, the developers are currently only talking about “basics”, which should obviously prepare a later increase in capacities. However, we know what effects the maintenance work is exactly if the servers are online again. That should be estimated at 11:00 pm German time. We keep you up to date.

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