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Guild Wars 2: What does the (vibrant) world cost? Euros vs. gold farms!

If you get spontaneously in Guild Wars 2 and additionally buys the extension Path of Fire Velvet Heart of Thorns **, you would have to unlock all the contents of the game, right? Not correct! Between the years apart releases of enhancements for GW2, there were some content packages that tell their own stories have opened new areas in Tyria and offering activities and rewards. Even then, if the story does not matter, you can miss a lot of content.

But how do you get to these so-called episodes of the living world? Traditionally, you will free you free when you log in after you have released freshly. This always applies to the latest update. Accordingly, you usually have a few months in which you just have to have looked into the game. As soon as the following episode appears, you have to buy the previous subsequently. But what does all the episodes of the living world cost? And how do you pay you the best?

By the way: You can now already buy third extension Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons \ – It will be released on February 28th 2022!

Buy the living world – what do the episodes cost?

For this answer we have briefly made a quick and examined the different bundles of the Ingame Stor. The episodes of the lively world gets you cheaper if you buys them in seasons:

  • Season 2 of the living world complete package \ – eight episodes for 1,280 gems
  • Season 3 of the living world complete packet \ – six episodes for 960 gems
  • Season 4 of the living world complete package \ – six episodes for 960 gems
  • The Ice Brut Saga Complete Package \ – Five Episodes for 960 Gemstones

Overall, there are 25 episodes of the living world that a beginner should buy to (roughly said) access to all the content of Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49.95 €) to unlock a player for free when he has been a player has registered regularly.
Ribs have already been published on the living world: Anyone who wants to unlock the sky scale needs the complete season 4 of the living world. Source: Arenanet

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Farms vs. Real money – what’s more worthwhile?

All episodes of the living world cost 4,160 gems , which is easy to convert: you can exchange for the current price for about 1,185 gold in the Ingame shop to get 4,160 gems. This is a decent pole gold that you do not have fast together. But if you really are a goal is to implement: for example, you master the three daily fractal on the highest level of difficulty every day, you are richer on average by 30 gold. That would not take much time from your day. With this time-saving method it would take 40 days for her to accumulate the necessary gold. That you need special equipment for this fractal, we leave for this account outside. Chic armor and weapons are also integrated into the episodes of the living world – in the picture you see the requiem armor from the episode of our guides. Source: episodes Compared to this almost biblically sounding task, the real money alternative does not act as bad: For 50 euros you can buy 4,000 gems on a blow . The missing 160 gemstones are still easy to get with about 45 gold. And you would have it, the complete vibrant world of Guild Wars 2. compares this with the cost of a subscription model as in Wow , it does not look so bad. Or what do you mean? Are the costs of the living world still disproportionate, especially with regard to the age of episodes from 2014? Betray us in the comments!

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