[Todays Steam] New Years Day is a good time for a grand masterpiece.

Steam has been found in the New Year holidays. Many of the games included in the special discount event have raised the names in the world’s best sales ranking.

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The game that showed the most dramatic ranking changes is the best popularity of the best popularity last year. The Take Takeer has won a number of Goty, receiving attention at various awards ceremony, including the 2021 game award. As many popular products, it is selected as a representative product of the discount event, which is a popular product, which is a 50% discount event, and thanks to the sales product ranking 3rd.

There is a GTA 5, which is a game that raised the ranking in the ranking with a taker. The GTA 5 Premium Edition is sold at a 63% discounted price through this event. Thanks to GTA 5, GTA was the name at the 8th.

In addition, the first place and the second place are the second place, and the new work, the new work, keeps the place, and Sekiro ranked 7th to 7th.

In the top simultaneous connection rankings, the number of people of Yu-kwang Master dual is declined despite the weekend. Every time I was maintaining more than 200,000 users, I was a master dual, but I declined to 190,000. I want to be because Korean dualists are resting on the holidays.