Himiko, Mizushima work forever! “Baseball World World” -Morning, Mizushima Shinji, I saw through the All Star Game “Fire Baseball Baseball”

Mizushima Shinji Mizushima, a cartoonist died for pneumonia on January 10, 2022. He was 82 years old.

Mizushima-sensei has been active for many years, mainly in various baseball cartoons, including “Dokaben”. Many representative works such as his “Dokaben” and “Baseball Mad” are also animated. In the game, in the game “” for Family Computer “ Mizushima Motoko Aoien “, 2003, “ Fighting Pro Baseball Baseball **” for PS2 / Game Cube / Arcade in 2003 etc. Release, various media mixes are also conducted.

In this paper, we introduce Family Computer “Mizushima Mizushima Koseen” and PS2 version “Fire-fighting professional baseball Mizushima Mizushima All Stars VS Professional Baseball”. We will deliver the wonderful part of the wonderful part of this work, by the author who loves Mizushima Shinji works from the heart.

# Baseball love too deep! Mizushima Shinji teacher’s life

Mizushima Shinsho Sensei (hereinafter referred to as Mizushima) was born in the house of the fish shop in Niigata Prefecture in 1939. His home economic circumstances gave up high school advancing, working as a cheugring, there is an episode that has struggled with a boyhood, and these hardships experience is also leveraged by the work of Mr. Mizushima, such as “the outbut and bat”.

He continued to study pictures while working, and his post creation in 1958 won. After his debut, he moved to Osaka and was active as a loan bookmaker. Mizushima’s first baseball cartoon was “Ace Condition” serialized in “Weekly Shonen King” in 1969. Since 1970 ““, “Made Aho Sako Sakai “, 1972 “ Baseball Poetry ” “ Dokaben “, 1973 “ Abu-san “, 1975 “ A work representative of Mizushima-sensei, such as one ball “, was created one after another.

As a work that symbolizes Such Mizushima Sensei, it is not essential for “Ookien” serialized in 1983. “Ookien”, which has crossover the character of Mizushima-sensei work series serialized in different magazines, crossover, and drew the third grade summer convention, which is the last of Yamada Taro’s high school, is also very painted at that time It seems to have been a periodic work.

Also, speaking of Mizushima-sensei, the baseball love that is too deep is also famous. He not only sweating grass baseball continuously while continuing to the busy manga house industry, but also exchanges with professional baseball players were also very popular. In particular, “Fukuoka Softbank Hawks” belonged to the main character of representative “Abu-san”, and “Fukuoka Softbank Hawks”, from the time of the predecessor “Daieehks” and “Nankai Hawks”, “face path” could interact with director and players Is famous. It is said that there were many baseball players who dreamed of appearing in the work of Mr. Mizushima.

Completed all consecutive works in 2018 and announced a cartoonist retirement for 63 years in December 2020. Reading 2018 “Abu-san-No spheric” was the final work. He thinks he was a wonderful person who feltes the love to the baseball and manga until he died in January 2022.

# Tactical Baseball Game “Mizushima Shinji’s Mochien” is interesting now!

Well, I will introduce the baseball game of Mizushima-sensei from here. First of all, a baseball game for a family computer released in 1990 “ Mizushima Yoshio Mochiena “. It is Capcom that worked on development.

This work is a “O Koshien”, but as the content, it has drawn from the first grader summer to third grade summer, and it is rather “Dokaben” element. The team that appears is also a coercion of Kanagawa Qualifying, Koshien’s Nitten High School, Iwaki Higashi High School, Tosarumaru High School, and Tosa High School, and Thai High School. Of course, Aoji High School of “Changel-kun”, Giant Gakuen of “One Ball”, “Dantto”, also appears.

It is such a work, but as a game, a command selective transduction rule is not an action game. The pitcher selects “sphere type” and “course”. The batter determines the “course” and “swing speed” and the hit will be established if reading is hit. Of course, not only hit simply, but also a strategy such as a bund, hit end run, stealing can also be selected.

The defensive is automatic until you catch up with the ball, but you have to select which basis to throw onto the base after catching. In addition, when hitting twice, the option of “Second and short does it take?” The actionality is low and moderately strategic is high, so you can enjoy it enough to play at the processing speed of the Noto Noto.

And, the biggest feature of this work is the presence of a special move. “Song-shot” of “Kuroda”, “Kuroda Section” such as “Kuroda Section”, “Kuroda Section”, “Kuroda Section”, “Kuroda Section”, “Kazuma”, Nikkei Road (Aoita) Some characters, such as the “Hot Spell Ball” of), can use impressive pitches and strikes of works. Because power is needed for use, it is not possible to continuously, but it is very powerful and very nice element for original fans.

In addition, it is necessary to take attention to the degree of reproduction of the character in each team. There are not many characters with face graphic, but the batting order and character names are almost set to the original. Personally, Shinanogawa high school of “Dokaben” is perfect and happy. But after all, I wanted the face glance as well as Tanazu (Yokohama Gakuin)… I think.

The hidden team is “South Wave High School OB team”, who is “Southwood High School OB team” (OB, “South Wavy High School comes out to” Obaku “Koshien” Fujimura Koshien (OB), and “Tokyo Mets” will appear. Of course, the first female professional baseball player is familiar with the familiar waterflower, “dream ball” can be used.

There are many newly featured teams and there are exceptional. There is a plenty of fans and fans services that the referee is Mizushima. When I played now, “Left letters and Musashibo and talented graphics are together!” There was also an interesting discovery.

# Mizushima cartoon collection! “Fighting Pro Baseball Mizushima Mizushima All Stars VS Professional Baseball”

Subsequently, we introduce the “fierce battle-baseball Mizushima Shrinkle All Stars VS Professional Baseball” released in Sega. In this article, I play in PS2 version. This work has a work that he participated in 35 characters from 15 works of Mizushima Cartoon in the professional baseball world of 2003. The real baseball player appearing is reproduced with a real name, and it is also possible to create an original player.

As a game, it is an orthodox baseball game, and the sense of reality that is particular about cheers and real condition. A real player is a polygon and a cartoon player is also unique that is divided by a toon method. By the way, since it is 2003 data, Kintetsu Buferrose is not disbanded, and there is no Hohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. The Pa League was a Kintetsu fan who was a little tears in the team selection screen.

The biggest feature of this work is very rich in the exchange of Mizushima characters in the game. “Mizushima character match” “Battery with Mizushima Chara” “Mizushima character is a prospect of both teams”, and a cartin-containing cart-in-containing line-like line is prepared. There are also many general-purpose serifs, but in certain circumstances and combinations are special cases, and it is fun to find out.

And of course, the reproduction of the in-game performance is also a wonderful part. The Meat Cursor is a Meat Cursor “The Meat Cursor is as large as leaving from the strike zone”, the pitcher is a pitcher, and if Yamada is a pitcher, the original fan, such as “ Catcher’s handset ” Completely packed with an element that is too happy. “Is this a reproduced?” The part of “?” Is pretty finely. Of course, each character also has a special move of the original element.

Commitment to the cartoon reproduction of this work is a gem. Character graphics and serifs, some characters use anime version voice actors, such as their respect. Describe the text of the “player name” in the main mode and the real condition of the game (Mr. Shinichiro Ota (Mr. Shinichiro Ota) for the original (eg, the story of 18 times in Koshien at the time of the Mizunishi Croach and the Koshien members’ match It is also the best.

A variety of game modes are also open and pennant, home run competition. In the character creation mode, it is possible not only to be able to make various faces from polygon types to toon type, but also female players. The last choice of Toon type is “Mr. Yamako High School → Tokai University → SS Aomori → Tokyo Super Stars)” is too pat…!

This work is discovered as you play. It can be said that it is the best work dedicated to the Mizushima Baseball Cartoon Fan.

On the next page, we will comment on the Aoi Mizushima Co., Ltd. by the author, and publish its love. It may be a little deep.

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