1. FC Cologne vs. FC Schalke 04 in live ticker – All information about the test

In the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga, the ball rests on the weekend. The 1st FC Cologne and the FC Schalke 04 use the mandatory game free weekend to a test match.

Since 13:00 , the two traditional clubs meet in the Cologne Franz-Kremer Stadium. Schalke reports at this point in the live ticker.

1. FC Köln vs. FC Schalke 04 2: 1 (1: 1)

Installation 1. FC Cologne: T. Horn – Ehizibue, Chabot, Kilian, J. Horn – Özcan – Lemperle, Ostrak, Schaub – Modest (C), Uth

Position FC Schalke 04: Ferryman – Matriciani, Pálsson (C), Lode – Vindheim, Flick, Drexler, Zalazar, Churlinov, Ouwejan – Bülter

Referee: Mitja Stegemann (Bonn)

Goals: 0: 1 Bülter (10th), 1: 1 Modest (28.), 2: 1 Andersson (46.)

+++ 46. Minute: Tooor for the 1st FC Cologne, scorer Sebastian Andersson +++

Wow, that went fast! The Cologne lay down a flash start and meet to 2: 1. Left left Florian Kainz, who has just been replaced only. His crossing landed at the also substitute Sebastian Andersson, who is thinking about the Cologne leadership.

+++ 46. Minute: impetus for 2nd half +++

The two teams have returned to the lawn – the game will be backed up again. While no change to FC Schalke have not been completed, the 1st FC Cologne has exchanged seven players.

+++ 46. Minute: halftime in Cologne +++

Referee Mitja Stegemann, who does not have any problems with the management of the game, whistles to the pause tea. In 15 minutes, it goes on here.

+++ 45. Minute: Vindheim blocks Schaub-Volley +++

The Norwegian newcomer can not only be ahead! After a half-high cross from the right, Louis Splits Schaub for direct acceptance. Andreas Vindheim throws himself in between and blocks the game device.

+++ 41. Minute: More degrees on both sides +++

It goes on again and here in Cologne-Sülz! After initially Anthony Modeste on the half-right side brings a ball to the gate, which is held by Ralf Ferryman this time, the royal blue turn back. Once again, Darko Churlinov is played in the box in the box in the open position. But this opportunity can not use the 21-year-old.

+++ 39. Minute: huge chance for the FC Schalke! +++

That must be 2: 1 for the scarce! Ouwejan was restarted again and drives the ball to the baseline. His crossing must only push Churlinov into the gate. But the Nordmazedonian warps, it remains at the 1: 1. Timo Horn in the Cologne goal had no defense.

+++ 37. Minute: temporal game +++

The 1st FC Cologne and FC Schalke continues to strive to put their stamp to the game. The game is characterized by high pace and many two fights. Schalke tries again and again over the outside, while Cologne acts mainly with high pressing and passenstafetten.

+++ 34. Minute: Schalke counter remains followless +++

After a strong change of switching of the royal blue, Rodrigo Zalazar appears freely on the right-handed outer train. The Uruguayer makes this scene but too little, so the attack is called. At the long post, Thomas Ouwejan was completely blank.

+++ 32. Minute: Ostrak graduation is blocked +++

Now the Cologne are suddenly there! Again, they are diving dangerous in a central position in front of the penalty area, come through Ostrak a good 18 meters in front of the gate. Guests can just block and clarify to the corner that does not bring anything.

+++ 28th Minute: Tooor for the 1st FC Cologne – Scorer Anthony Modeste +++

What a Bock of Schalke’s final man Ralf ferryman! After a harmless return, the actual replacement goalkeeper does not bring the ball to the ball quickly enough. Cologne-Knipser Anthony Modeste splashes in between and bugs the leather with the first dangerous situation of the seats at all to compensate into the gate. Bitter for ferryman, who is only number 2 between the posts on Schalke!

+++ 27th Minute: Cologne clarifies to the first corner +++

The FC Schalke carries the ball over Zalazar and Bülter to the right-outside position, where Andreas Vindheim uses again to the next edge. This time his cross is blocked and clarified to the first corner of the game. The standard situation brings nothing.

+++ 25th Minute: 1. FC Cologne is fixed +++

Again and again the Cologne is high and secure the game device. Dangerous degrees, however, continues to get there. They race at the Schalke back team who has no problems so far to defend their own goal.

+++ 21. Minute: Zalazar has to be treated +++

Worry lines at Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammozis: After a clash in midfield Rodrigo Zalazar is initially struck lie on the ground. Schalke’s number ten is treated for several minutes, but can continue playing for now.

+++ 19 minutes: Baumgart lived loudly +++

committed usual Cologne head coach Steffen Baumgart goes so far to work. “Start over again!” “Fast back over!” or “More exercise!” can be heard from the sidelines.

+++ 14 minutes: Cologne dominant, but harmless +++

The Bundesliga club has indeed taken control of the game since kickoff, can it beat but not make profit. The Domstädter still working on the first dangerous degree, have completed already been excellent while the guests.

+++ 10 minutes TOOOR for FC Schalke – scorer Marius Bülter +++

Since the early lead for the visitors About half the right side spooning newcomer Andreas Vindheim an edge butterweich near the post. Marius Bülter rises up to the head and lets Effzeh goalkeeper Timo Horn with a degree against the direction no chance.

+++ 9 minutes: Cologne newcomer to control effort +++

In Cologne’s back four acts for the first time Julian Chabot, who was loaned until Wednesday Sampdoria Genoa. The 23-year-old in the early stages many ball contact and has tried to control of the game with his neighbor Luca Kilian.

TESTSPIEL LIVE | 1. FC Köln - FC Schalke 04

+++ 6 minutes: Vindheim with the first cross +++

Andreas Vindheim put on weekends sensational debut for FC Schalke back and was at 5: 0 defended directly at Erzgebirge Aue on two goals. Today, it runs on the right track players. However, a first sharp cross into the box finds no takers.

+++ 3rd minute: Pálsson runs on as a central defender +++

Schalke tried a new triple-constellation in defense. Victor Pálsson today is not only captain in S04, but also a central defender in the back three. Next to him Henning Matriciani defend left and winter signing Marius Lode right.

+++ 1st minute: impetus in Cologne – the game runs +++

The match starts late in a few minutes. Mark Uth running it for Cologne from the start against his former club on. The offensive man could last year the descent of the Royal Blues not stop, and then moved back to his hometown of Cologne.

+++ cool but dry in Cologne +++

In cool six degrees, the match will kick off at 13:00. So far, it is dry, but it still rain showers are quite popular.

+++ Last Bundesliga football match of FC Schalke +++

His hitherto last Bundesliga Match Schalke at 1. FC Köln. On the 34th day of the disastrous relegation season subject to S04 with 0: 1 at Effzeh, who celebrated with Friedhelm Funkel later the league in the relegation.

+++ Franz-Kremer-Stadion RheinEnergie Schalkepark +++

is played today in the Franz-Kremer-Stadion, which is located at the RheinEnergie Schalkes park a few kilometers from the Rhein Energie Stadium in Cologne-Sülz. In Franz-Kremer-Stadion Cologne amateur team and the women’s team carry out their home games.

+++ The starting lineup of FC Schalke 04 +++

Thus, the FC Schalke will start in the friendly against 1. FC Köln 04:

ferryman – Ouwejan, Pálsson, Lode, Churlinov, Vindheim, Zalazar, Bülter, Flick, Drexler, Matriciani

On the part of the Royal Blues striker Simon takes Terodde so well initially on the bench as his colleagues Salif Sané or Marvin Pieringer. Captain Danny Latza is not in the squad.

+++ The starting line of the 1. FC Cologne +++

So will start the 1. FC Cologne in the test match against FC Schalke 04:

T. Horn – Özcan, Uth, Kilian, Ehizibue, Schaub, J. Horn, Chabot, Lemperle, Modeste, Ostrak

The most striking personal are certainly was officially introduced until Wednesday as a winter transfer to a new signing Julian Chabot. Secondly, the regulars Jonas Hector and Benno Schmitz, the individual, according to the club’s units have graduated missing.

+++ Steffen Baumgart encounters Dimitrios Grammozis +++

The head coach of 1. FC Köln and FC Schalke 04 respectively connects a small feature with today’s opponents. Steffen Baumgart was traded even longer than S04 coach last spring, spoke with the club bosses even about a possible engagement.

His coach colleague Dimitrios Grammozis ran once as a professional for 1. FC Cologne and denied for Müngersdorfer 19 Bundesliga games.

+++ 1. FC Köln encounters FC Schalke 04 on the upswing +++

During the 1st FC Cologne, a victory (3: 1 against Hertha BSC), a draw (2: 2 against VfL Bochum) and a defeat (0: 4 against FC Bayern) in the new calendar year, added the FC Schalke 04 With its first and so far single compulsory game in 2022 a real exclamation mark. With 5: 0, the Royal Blue Erzgebirge shot down. The scarce moves to the first direct rise place up to three counters.

+++ Testspiel mass on Thursday +++

The game of the Rheinlander with the Gelsenkirchernen is far from the only test match on this Thursday.

Other Bundesligists use the free week to further play for the second half of the year. Thus, among other things, the VfL Bochum tests at home against Fortuna Düsseldorf (from 2 pm), the FC Augsburg against Jahn Regensburg (from 2 pm) and the SC Freiburg against the SV Sandhausen (from 14 clock).

In Mainz, there is even a league comparison between the 05s and Eintracht Frankfurt (from 14 clock).

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