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Zombie Army Trilogy is published in early 2020 for switch

Zombie Army Trilogy - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Support for Local Wireless Playback and Motion Controller confirms for the Switch version.

During Xbox One, PS4 and PC players can get their hands in their hands Zombie Army 4: Dead War next year Rebellion also has something for Nintendo Switch fans. The developer has recently announced _Zombie Army Trilogy, which collects the first three zombie titles, will be published in early 2020 for the platform. These are three story campaigns along with the Horde mode that can consume the fans.

Solo playable, you can also fight with up to four players. Local wireless playback is confirmed together with Motion Controller, Pro Controller and HD Rumble support. It even supports the system for inviting friends of the switch, which you can easily add others to your friends list.

As for _Zombie Army 4: Dead War It appears on February 4, 2020 and continues the history of Survivor Brigade, which toured Southern Europe and fight against the undead. Together with new opponents like a zombie tank, players will use melee, lightning and fireproof weapons and different skills. Will the continuation also meet Nintendo Switch after the original trilogy has been received? We have to wait and see.

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