WoW Patch 9.2: Create Animal Sets by Creation Catalyst

Thus, the last, large feature of patch 9.2 would finally be implemented on the PTR of WOW. In the recent build, the developers have unlocked the creation catalyst, with the player themselves can produce animal set items without having to visit the RAID. We reveal you how it works which resources you need and what happens to the values ​​on the item.

The particularly latter has long been unclear and many players had the fear, that the sets from the RAID will be worthless , if you can produce set items with better stats otherwise. In this regard, we can currently give all the all-clear. Because you get exactly the same items as in the RAID. Almost. But only Absolute Min-Maxer or Sparfüchse will therefore throw away a RAID item and produce its own with the same itemlevel – but later more.

The creation catalyst

For the first time you meet the creation catalyst in 4. Chapter of the new campaign , while working together with General Draven the catalyst organizations.

The machinery is located in a floating structure over the gardens and can be achieved either by flight mount or teleport. The latter happens automatically when you are exactly below the flying building. Actually, they should get up General Draven, but that does not work on the PTR unfortunately yet. WOW Patch 9.2: Making Animal Sets by Creation Creating Catalyst – How it works (2) Source: catalyst

The creation catalyst works

The mode of action of the feature is conceivable simple. You click on the catalyst, whereupon a new interface window opens. There you can place the item, which you want to make an animal set item. However, there are some restrictions.
WoW Patch 9.2: Making Animal Sets by Creation Catalyst – How it works (3) Source: catalyst The Item…

  • … must have been played by Shadowlands during season 3.
  • … must have been reapplace about evaluated PVP, mythical-plus or the mausoleum of the first.

Accordingly, it does not work in the bag or those that previously had in the bag.

Do you have the necessary resources, click on “transform” and you already have your animal set item.
The following amount of resources is necessary:

  • wrists, cloak 600 cosmic flux
  • Belt, shoes : 800 cosmic flux
  • shoulders, gloves: 1,200 cosmic flux
  • Helmet, chest, pants : 1,500 cosmic flux

How multi-cosmic Flux I HR for which activity has been obtained, we have already revealed you in the past.

Which item arises from the transformation?

But we now come to the most important part of the transformation. Contrary to some fears, the respective item does not just get the set bonus effect missed. Instead, the original item is completely turned. You get it quasi taken away and instead pressed the set item of the respective slots in the hand.

It is not possible for, for example, to craft a set-pants with other values ​​than in RAID \ – All set pants of the (for example) witch champions always have the same secondary values. Or at least the same distribution, because the amount depends on the ITemlevel. The only exception date: Tertiary stats as indestructible are taken over.

Which Itemlevel can I get? Well, that depends on which Itemlevel cleans her in front. Do you give the creation catalyst a 255er item for transformation, then you will receive a 255-set item . Very easily.

And what about the other slots? As you may have read up, you can also “turn” shoes or shoes “. But these do not have a set bonuses, right? Right. But though only helmet, shoulders, chest, pants and gloves are relevant to the set bonuses, even more items belong to the actual set. However, you can turn a normal cloak into the set captain, which changes the values ​​and donate you the right look.

How often can I make an item?

Also this question seems to be answered now – at least partially. We know that the creation catalyst will be accessible for the first time in week 8 of the patch (according to current status).

From the moment the catalyst starts to charge. At the beginning, every new charge will need about a week (Ergo: a set item per week). The longer the patch runs, the faster the catalyst wins its charges. So if you want to equip a twink later, that’s significantly faster. Especially since the charges can accumulate. So if you do not do anything for a few weeks, you can then produce several items at once.

Open questions?

How To Craft Your Own TIER SET In Patch 9.2 - Creation Catalyst Explained

It is unclear only two things. Does the catalyst already have a charge for starting in week 8, so that we can get started right away? And how does it look at the twinks? Start the charges here directly when it is unlocked with the main, or should you unlock the creation catalyst at the beginning with your twinks, so that you later have many charges available?

These questions will hopefully clarify in the course of the coming days. All in all, however, the creation catalyst seems to be a pretty good system. Although there is also concerns that you can produce mythical-plus and the large treasury such as set items at the highest level, long before most players have arrived at the back mythical bosses where they would otherwise be to get. But something is always known.

How do you like the creation catalyst that comes into play with patch 9.2? Would you have expected such a simple principle? And bothers you that you can only access it in the 8th week? After all, the reproach of the timegating is again in the room. Betrays us in the comments.

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