Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get Arceus

Pokémon Legends Arceus is finally here. The long-awaited open world pokémon game with which many have dreamed for years is available so that anyone can enter and explore. While there are many changes in this game, obviously catch, train and evolve Pokémon remains a fundamental part of the game. If you are here, you are at the end of the game asking you How to get Arceus, Pokémon Legends… Arceus’ Star of cover. Or maybe you’re still working and wondering that. Greedy, catch the rest first before the Poke-God! Anyway, this is what you need to know to catch the deficiency Pokémon.

How to get Arceus in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Let’s skip directly. To begin with, you must have overcome the main mission of the game. Ideally, we are not spoiling anything in the game apart from the fact that, well, yes, you can catch Arceus. We assume that you already knew it; Otherwise, you would not have risked you clicking on this article.

You will know that you have finished once you have reached the mission, NEW DAWNS. You will need to start the mission, the myths researcher who gave Captain Cyllenne at Galaxy HQ.

From here, the road to get Arceus is simple but long. You will have to complete a series of missions that will follow one after another, taking you to a tour of HISUI / SINNOH, snatching all the legendary Pokémon that you lack to complete your Pokedex.

At the end of these missions, you will get Azure Flute and the final mission, The Deified Pokemon. On paper, it is a simple mission. Go to the Sinnoh temple and touch the blue flute.

Again, we are not going to spoil exactly what happens, but the conclusion is that you will be in a battle of sand balm with Arceus.

This is not Dark Souls, although Pokemon Legends Arceus pretend to be sometimes, so the battle will not be too difficult for anyone who has already arrived so far in the game. Use the same tactics you have been using in this type of fights. Use your dodge roll to traverse the attacks and then turn it on the face with balms to reduce your health when you have the opportunity.

Arceus, as expected, is the most aggressive. Then, for it, take it calmly if you are going through a difficult time; Avoid hitting it with balms when you are shooting energy balls from your head. You will know when you see it.

How to get Arceus in Pokémon Legends Arceus

  • Complete the main story and then accept the post-game mission: A New Day Dawns & The Researcher of Myths.

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  • Continue completing post-set missions in order until you reach The Deified Pokemon.

  • Follow the indications and take the blue flute to the Sinnoh Temple

  • Defeat Arceus in battle

And that’s it! Finish with Arceus and it will be added to your group that you can use for whatever you want. You will have the Legend Plate, the most broken element of the game that converts Arceus’s sentencing attack into an attack bonus movement of the same type (Stab) super cash 100% of the time.

That’s all you need to know for How to get Arceus in Pokemon Legends Arceus . To get more advice, tricks and frequently asked questions, see our Wiki guide full of many useful guides so that they read them carefully during their adventure in HISUI.

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