Informal Nintendo Sandra Video Posting Announces Channel Delete-“I want you to respect my determination”

Overseas Youtuber Gilvasunner announced that 2,200 videos have been deleted by the Nintendo’s claims.

GILVASUNNER is determined to remove a series of videos and thought “(I do not value your own) channels,” I judged that it is not. “There are various opinions, but I think that’s fine with that, but” I want you to respect my decision ” “I asked my own supporter.

It is a channel of Gilvasunner, which has been for over 11 years, but in the past, parody channels with the main content of “ game BGM arrangement video ” as Siivagunner are also appeared. There is a official Twitter account for Siivagunner, but at the time of writing, it does not respond to the original material Gilvasunner’s channel removal.

Also, Gilvasunner has previously noted that “Nintendo has not prepared alternative ways to listen to music.” However, the free music library of “Pokemon His Diamond Pearl” is released today, and such concerns will be partially eliminated.