Amazon Prime subscription will increase price

Amazon has become one of the most important digital stores in recent years. If you do not want to wait multiple days for your package to arrive, you can always opt for a subscription to Prime, which offers several benefits. Now, Recently it was revealed that monthly and annual payment for this service will increase this month .

INSANE Amazon Prime Price increase in 2022 may make you cancel

According to Amazon, the subscription to Prime will increase from $ 13 to $ 15 per month in the United States, while annually the cost will pass from $ 119 to $ 139 . Along with this, student accounts will also see an increase from next February 18 for new users. However, those who renew their one-year plan before March 25, 2022, can preserve the current price, at least until 2023.

It is important to mention that this price increase is only applied to the United States at the moment. Currently there is no information related to a similar increase in Mexico or other regions . So in our country we will continue to pay $ 99 pesos for Access to Prime.

In addition to delivering packets one or two days after the order, a subscription to Amazon Prime also gives us access to Prime Video, the Streaming Service of Series and Movies , Prime Music, which is focused on music, A series of unique offers in the online store, as well as several Twitch benefits.

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Editor’s note:

Although the price increase in services is something common, this increase is likely to be a problem for more than one person. We only hope that this means that the services improve in the future. In the same way, it will be interesting to see if Prime will also have a higher price in Mexico and other regions.