G123 “Bibid Army” with the idol group “26 oclock Mascaeid” gives a new song center and Gachibatur! Fan participation benefits are a large number of event original goods and Cheki!

CTW Corporation indicated that the HTML5 game “Vivid Army” distributed at the game service “G123” to hold an event with the idle group “26 o’clock Mascaeide”.

CTW Corporation announces that the HTML5 game “Vivid Army” distributed at the game service “G123” will be announced to hold an event with the idol group “26 o’clock Mascaeide”.

Event Overview

Vivid Army is a commander of a unique girl hero, reinforced, arranges, arranges and arranges his land, sea and empty army and its own base, and works with players around the world while cooperating with friends, strategy It is a simulation game. This time, Idol Group “26 o’clock Masca Reid” Members and fans can participate in more than 100 people, raising the game’s commander level and participate in the mission, and compete at the collected points.

Members who won have a new song offered by Vivid Army! We plan to show in the next live, so please check the future live information.

The top of the event ranking is a fan of “the annual passport path of the 2022 event” or “signed goods assortment”, and there are a lot of exciting benefits.

Detailed information

Held server: S1784

Game start here: https: //s.g123.jp/2EQZ93WA

Event Specialtivation Twitter: https: //twitter.com/vividnijiMasu02

Special Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vividnijimasu02/


Event period: February 10, 2022 (Thu) -February 27 (Sun)

Result announcement: February 28, 2012 (Mon)

# NISIMAS Official Commemorative Campaign held by Twitter

In commemoration of the special collaboration, the NIDITE official Twitter will conduct a commemorative campaign. From the fact that the target tweet is RT, we will give a present event original T-shirt to 10 people by lottery.

Holding period: February 5, 2022 (Sat) -February 10 (Thu)

NIDITISTO official Twitter is here: HTTPS: //twitter.com/nijimasu_staff

# 26 o’clock Mascaide?

Formation of October 2016. Roadmo Boys & Girls × Zipper Idol Aiki, Nakamura Ryu, Nakamura fruit, Nakamura fruit, Kurusu, Yoshii Idol group consisting of 5 people of Mori Mami. The group name means “Masked Ball of 26:00 (26 o’clock (26:00)”, and the abbreviation has a rainbow trout.

While listing “Fashion & Emotion”, the rainbow trout story drawn by members full of individuality is a topic among young people.

August 2019 A mini album “Chururu Soma!” Released at the same time as a major debut, won the first place in each ranking, including Oricon.

From February 2020, the first crown regular program “26 o’clock” Mascaeide “in Japan TV” is also started, and in June, about 2000 applications in half a year Lotus joins.

The new system is becoming more and more eyes from them to get on the moment!

# Start the game here

Gameplay URL: https: //s.g123.jp/2EQZ93WA

Official site: https: //g123.jp/game/23

Basic information

Game Title: Vivid Army Genre: Real-Time Strategy Price: Basic Free (In-game item charging system) Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/vivid_army_

# What is G123 (Giichinisan)?

On smartphone tablet PC web browser, it is a game service that enjoys carefully selected high quality games without unnecessary member registration.

Official site: https: //g123.jp/

# About CTW Corporation

A comprehensive internet platform service company that operates the game platform “G123 (Giichinisan)”. Company name: CTW Corporation: 〒 106-0032 Hongmi 1-9-10 Arc Hills Sengoku Yamamori Tower representative: Sasaki Ryuichi Established: August 2013 Capital Capital: Platform Business URL: Platform Business URL: https://ctw.inc/ ※ The company name and product name that are described is a registered trademark or trademark of each company. CCTW, Inc. All rights reserved.