Lost Ark: That has been for the launch since the beta

In November 2021, and many other players had the opportunity to test the upcoming Action-RPG-MMO Lost Ark extensively in the course of a closed-beta phase . Clear that there was a lot of feedback from the hard-working testers spotted and evaluated by the developers.

That’s the feedback of the beta testers

In January update of Smile gate and Amazon Games, Lost Ark creators now revealed how beta findings will affect the launch version of the game. A complete list of all patch notes should be given before the publication. Here are the highlights:

  • With Born, Eaton and Punk, three new regions will be available in the launch version.

Lost Ark: My Plans For Launch! Classes, Expectations & AMAZING Resources!
* The maximum level is no longer 55, but at 60.
* There are already several classes 3 contents available from the endgame, including the fountain of ore ha (abyss-dungeon), choosing sound 3 and the Vegans guardian raid.
* For the launch, 173 Steam achievements were implemented.
* In the character selection you can now choose a voice for your character – there are three to four options each.
* If you want, you can use the Korean original voice together with the subtitles of your choice
* Some intermediate sequences that are less important to the story will be able to interrupt you during the first time.
* There were changes to the balance, allowing for final content to be a greater challenge.

FAQ to the most important community questions

In addition to the information of the developers, there was also a FAQ in which further questions are clarified.

Questions about character adjustment

  • What restrictions are there for signs as well as the designation of fortresses and guilds?
  • The following are limited: special characters (! @ # $%, Etc.), capital letters except on the name (E.G., Fly, Weirdo guy) and spaces.
  • How does the reservation and deletion of character names work? How long does it take after I deleted a character until it is available again? Do I have to play with a character to reserve the name, or do I only have to create the character?
  • If you conclude the process of character creation, the name will be reserved for this character. Character names are not automatically released after deleting characters. The release of names for reuse is a manual process, which we probably will probably be done in the future, but it is nothing we will do regularly or start in the near future.
  • How many letters may be used minimal and maximum in the name of a character or guild?
  • Guild names are limited to 2 – 20 characters, character names to 2 – 16 characters. Note that blanks, numbers and multiple capital letters can not be used in guilds or character names.
  • Will the selection of the character voice be available for starting?
  • Yes, you will be able to select a voice for your player. Each class includes 3 – 4 options that you can choose!

Questions about pioneer packages and skins

  • Can pioneer packages be combined for multiple rewards?
  • Players can buy 1 copy from each pioneer package that can be combined. This means that you get all content that you bought in each package – the only things that can not be combined are the 3-day preliminary discount and the pioneering title (which is identical in each packet).
  • How do you get the contents of your pioneer package and what classes are you available?
  • The pioneer packages are delivered to your product inventory, from where you can obtain the content when supplied directly into the inventory of your character. Open the “Legislators of the North” or Platinum Skin Chest in any case with the character for which you want them to use, because the skin is adapted to the class of this character! These skins can only be used for the 15 classes available at the start.

Different questions about gameplay

  • What happens if your guilder will not log in for weeks?
  • If the guild manager has not logged in after ten days, there is a system with which the deputy of the guild can be promoted to the new guilder.
  • If the players are able to receive content or rewards from events that have taken place in KR / RU in recent years and limited there?
  • Some of these objects can appear in our version of the game at different events or events in the future.
  • Will the players be able to change the font in the game?
  • The font and size in the game can not be changed, but the font size in the text chat can be changed.
  • If the levels of damage on high-resolution monitors are not readable, it is a well-known error that is currently resolved.
  • Can the PVP ranking be character-based, rather than based on the squad?
  • We do not plan to change the start, but are always grateful for feedback to the game.

Release, test and guides

Lost Ark appears on the 8th (for pioneer package owners) and 11 February 2022 for PC. We can already see the game extensively on a review server and will present you on time for the launch a comprehensive test. A number of guides are planned. A First article around the Housing of Lost Ark is already online.