Genshin Impact

Greetings and banners, Genshin Impact invocations

Regularly the headliners change on geisha invocations. The wishes and banners of Genshin Impact are not eternal, allowing to discover new characters and equipment. But what are those present at this time, and are worth spending stones from fatality?

Greetings in progress on Genshin Impact

GENSHIN IMPACT has two distinct greeting banners. One is centered on the characters and the other equipment. These vows highlight elements that are more likely to be recovered during the event. Choosing well his invocation event is therefore important.


End of the event: Wednesday 9 February – 4h00

Banners upcoming

The next banner will be that of the patch 2.5.

permanent wishes

The permanent wishes are intended not to change, or even disappear. These allow you to ensure an invocation without emphasizing any character or equipment. There are still the recommended wishes for beginners, allowing to have a guaranteed character.

previous wishes and banners


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