Com2us, baseball game new compilation V22 first public

[Data provided: Comes]


\ – Comes, Baseball Game Lineup New Title Release News Disclosure

\ – Domestic representative real baseball game authenticity inheritance, younger generation trends tailored new play game system Features

\ – Mobile baseball game through a player ship and formal contract 10 pieces of mobile baseball games Total 379 players 3d Head scanned after the game

\ – Specific game information such as major content and launch schedule scheduled

Comes announced a new game that has a 20-year baseball game development know-how.

Comes said the newly developed new baseball game (Company V22) (COMPUTE V22) will be served on the professional baseball season today (25th) today.

(Company) (Company) series has been a great response to a long period of time and a long period of real baseball game, which is a realistic real baseball game, from 2003 to 2021 versions. Comes is a plan to create a new Sumi-compilation V22, and a newcomer to create a strong synergy, and it is a plan to expand lineups tailored to the taste of baseball game fans.

is a high-quality baseball game title that has developed over the past several years. The legitimacy of the domestic mobile baseball game has been developing a popular fun that can easily enjoy younger generations that are short and concise styles, with a short and simple play method.

By default, we applied the vertical UI optimized for mobile, allowing you to easily manipulate all the content with one hand, and you have to enjoy a variety of plays, such as supporting horizontal screen switching, depending on your convenience and play conditions.

Especially, even if you do not have a full innings with your hand taste, you can only build your own powerful staff through a game mode, which can only play the victory, which can only play the win or fast,

In addition, through the formal contract with HBO players, the first of the first 10 stages of mobile baseball games are the first 37,32 head scans, the face of the game actually reproduces the face of the actual player, and simultaneously implement the eye and the eye, and the facial expression. I felt a sense of practice.

In addition, it is expected that the satisfaction of users who enjoy baseball games can be further enhanced through Live Content, based on the actual program’s grades and records.

On the other hand, Comes has developed the development of the Compute V22> and the title BI, and the expectations of users who waited for new work. BI added the ‘V’ logo, which symbolizes victory to existing Sirius, with intense red color, and the new game is stylish and young and promoted.

was introduced into the membrane for the finished service for the completeness of the release in accordance with the pre-baseball opening season this year. Specific information about the game, such as major content and launch schedules, plans to disclose sequentially.