Efootball 2022: a sign of logs of Konami

Since the announcement that the advised rescue patch for Football 2022 is postponed to the spring of November of last year in the spring of this year, it has become quiet around the INAMI title. The Japanese developer instead held the community in recent months with a voting campaign for the big fan’s XI on trot.

Now INAMI has repaid again in terms of content. However, there was nothing to the current state of development, except for the recurring request for forgiveness: We apologize for the long wait for the publication of the Football 2022 updates.

Instead, the Japanese developer announced that now the second pre-season match campaign start. Until 17 February, various online PVP games can be completed as part of various events, the number of games go into the rating and achieved matches.

Random player as a reward

To win is a random decor, which brings the Football 2022 games one of seven professionals: Lionel Messi, Neymar, Day Upamecano, ANSI Fate, Federico Chaise, Marcus Rashford and Takes Cuba are in raffle. However, the Rewards will only be awarded after UPDATE 1.0.0, which will finally make the INAMI offshoot spacious.

This last straw continues to be terminated under the patches, the original announcement from the spring of 2022 is still. Before the 17th of February and the end of the pre-season match campaign, it can not be expected. I have to wait further the community – and hope for almost miraculous improvement.


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