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The Dragon Age 4 exporter criticizes the “magic of BioWare” talking about Crunch and bad developments

The development of Dragon Age 4 is not leaving great news for BioWare , which has had to see how a multitude of visible faces of the company were left in the middle of the production of the next game of the saga. One of those who left his position was Mark Darragh , a former producer of a project that he abandoned together with other main creatives.

Darragh is only one of those cases that accompany the general unknowns surrounding the title that Electronic Arts publishes, with many sown doubts about the way of working the company. The famous magic of BioWare referred to the conception that was about the spectacularly and the love that the study put on his video games, but it seems that there is nothing left of that.

It is a fucking process Mark Darragh The exporter has published a video on YouTube in which it has been comfortable, criticizing BioWare for its way of facing developments and loading hard against this concept that we comment. The magic of BioWare is a fucking process. It’s a name to say ‘Do not worry, do not be scared because we know that at a future date everything will go faster, everything will work’. But the reality is that this functioning It means that the Crunch arrives and the delays of the games come, he said.

It is not the first time that the development process of a bloatware whose employees seem to suffer also harshly the long days of work to carry out the projects. From within the study, it has been commented that the success of Inquisition was the worst that has happened to it, and even statements of ancient responsible for the famous sagas of BioWare leave the company in bad place, going from doing what they loved Only in the market and in what this indicated on the success of the Games.