New World

“Craft Peer” Development sources latest work “Palworld” second PV release-Power of mysterious organism “pulldance” with adventure, combat, factory labor?

Pocket Pair has released the latest trailer of open world survival craft monster training game Pal World ( PalWorld ).

This work is the latest work of the same developer who worked on craft peer. On the stage of the open world’s vast world, you can combine the mysterious biological puls and enjoy your free life such as survival, architecture, adventure and combat. The first bullet official trailer published in 2021 has attracted high attention, such as the total number of times of reproduction over 3 days after the announcement.

Players not only capture pulses and offer adventures, but can be used as labor and agricultural workforce. If you get a fire or capture the type of power, you can also improve your quality of life. Breeding pulses to serve parent’s ability, create the strongest pulses, and the law is prohibited, but it is also possible to sell and disassemble the pal…?

The second bullet official trailer has published a scene that catches pulses with a throwing rope, a scene riding on a huge whale pal, a scene that fights pulses at the arena. You can also check the sights of the pulses defeated by the factory work and the end of the pulses caught by the poach.

Palworld will start early access in 2022. It also supports up to eight multiplayers.