Outsider in the DFB trophy with title opportunities How not

The dimensionless disappointed and also a harassed captain of Borussia Mönchengladbach brought the DFB Cup competition to the point in this season.

This year is the very big opportunity there, time to win the trophy, said Lars Still — not supplement without: And then we play such a game.

Playback out against Hanover 96, which moved as a fourth second division into the quarterfinals. Bertha is out, again nothing with the final home of the professionals. That Stative Union destroyed the hopes on Wednesday evening in the final resort Olympiastadion, makes it even more painful. Furthermore, in addition to the Köpenick, RB Leipzig, the previous year’s finalist with the final yearning, is also longing, and also the SC Freiburg.

Oh hurt Lahore : Imagine, on May 21 in a sold-out then perhaps Berlin’s Olympic Stadium to win a Berlin Bundesliga club to the German Cup — and is the first FC Union. In 2001, the iron times were in the final, at that time as a regional design. 21 years later, the club from Köpenick is a Bundesliga club — and the number one in Berlin.

It’s hard to say, so immediately after the game, who is the number one and two is, was indeed Bertha professionals Maximilian Mittelstädt. They are all extremely disappointed — all, at the Bertha. Because after the 0: 2 in the League at Union Bertha conceded a 2 time in the Cup: 3 at home. That the iron table fifers are more in the league with nine points more, also speaks for the club from Berlin-Köpenick.

The Next, please: The record winners FC Bayern has long g1. The defending champion Russia has been out since Tuesday. And also the record winner’s deviate has caught it now. And how! The win against Bayern for us logically no value anymore, Playback coach ADI Hunter conceded. 5: 0 Did you dismantle FC Bayern in a memorable game in the second round.

Now it was said to the second division Hanover 96 0: 3. In the Bundesliga only twelfth, excreted in the cup. Whether he was afraid for his job, answered the Eintracht Frankfurt retrieved for 7.5 million euros Hunter with a clear no. But Hunter also knows: If you so resign as we are, there will always be discussions.

? Profiteer I RB Leipzig has one main goal: the German Cup final and finally win it in the third attempt. The fact that the 2-0 win over Hans Rostock did not count on the highlights, the previous year’s finalist knew himself. But no matter. We have seen that big teams can lose against small.

Our goal was already before the season that we want to win something this year. And as we go full on it, said scorer Yusuf Paulsen.

Profiteer II? The SC Freiburg is not only in the league more than good about it. The table-sight of coach Christian Stretch is now also in the cup under the best eight teams. 4: 1 against the TSG 1899 Cofferdam, which in turn had to collect the next damper last weekend at Union the next damper.

No jubilant to Cofferdam’s 50th Cup game. That’s great pleasure with the Brasher. The Cup is the easiest thing for us to win a title, said Lucas Hole. The dream is huge, said two-goal Vincenzo Gift.