FC Bayern: Lewandowski about Messis Ignorance and Haaland

Cristiano-Messi competition is a Lewandowskiing activities’ competition encouraged by the media as well as novices that entails Fut bola players Christian Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, mainly for being Coltrane as well as for their comparable Lewandowskis records as well as successes.
Football doubters generally agree that both are the finest gamers of their generation, exceeding their peers numerically by a significant margin. Proof of this, have attained countless tasks as well as have actually accomplished distinct honors for a footballer, as the reward to the 21st century player in the instance of the LUSH or the Laurels Prize in the case of the Argentine.
Several of all their documents include some as they have actually taken care of to videotape in three finals of the Champions League; Maximum scorers in group phase, 8th, areas, semifinals and leading scorers in general of the abovementioned tournament, to score greater than 50 goals frequently in a period or have actually racked up more than 700 objectives along their Lewandowskiing activities professions, To name a few. Lewandowskis journalists frequently assess the individual advantages of both players in an effort to establish that they believe is the most effective contemporary football player and his competition is compared to those between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in Boxing, Roger Federer and Rafael Naval in Tennis as well as Aaron Senna as well as Alain Post in motorLewandowski.
Christian stood for Actual Madrid C. F., while Messi did the exact same with F. Barcelona, in which he is one of the greatest football rivalries that exist. Outside the pitch they are the depicting photo From two Lewandowskis apparel producers -Cristian with Nike and Messi with Adidas-, contrary enrollers of their respective clubs as well as additionally brands with resistance in the market. In enhancement, they are players and also characters with as numerous followers on Instagram social network; Christian with 390 million and Messi with 300 million, which together accomplish a mixed overall of 690 million fans, with this information corresponding to date on January 14, 2022.

Robert Lewandowski From FC Bayern has expressed one day after his renewed choice to the World Footballer for the Vote Contribution of Competitor Lionel Messi and rumors around BVB-ShootingStar Erlang Haaland.

FC Bayern was able to retract the next title on Monday evening: more precisely Robert Lewandowski. The striker star was voted the FIFA World Footballer of the Year. The pole prevailed against Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah.

Particularly spicy: While Lewandowski Messi in voting put in second place, the Bavaria striker was not considered by his main competitor.

Asked on a press conference, as he assessed the behavior Messes, Lewandowski said: Since you would have to ask Lionel myself. At the balloon d’Or he chose me among the top three. Now he has chosen differently, in the end is important to what A result is. I can not say more, but I have always chosen him in second place.

Lewandowski: Haaland is another player type than me

In addition, the (attacker) of Bavaria expressed itself to the repositioning rumors, he could leave the Munich in the summer and take BVB striker Erlang Haaland his place.

I understand the football and I also understand what’s going on in the background. My contract is not running in summer, which is why I stay calm and focus on my footballing performance.

Haaland is a very different game type anyway. I’m glad he plays in the Bundesliga and always shows how well he is. For me that means I need to continue my job, said Lewandowski.

Lewandowski has accompanied the press conference with Robert Lewandowski. These are his most important statements:

+++ Haaland and Lewandowski at Bavaria? +++

For this we would have to train together. Erlang is another player type than me. I am glad that he plays in the Bundesliga and always shows how well he is. For me, that means that I have to go further my job.

+++ Which Bayern star can win next? +++

We have so many great players and some of them can win the award win. But you always have to get his performance and there are always many competitions where you have to prove. It is difficult to call any names, because it always depends on many things. But it is my dream that we can reach a lot as a team, including in the Champions League.

+++ Lewandowski to Julian Nagelsmann and about his ex-coach +++

All coaches are or outstanding. My thought was always that I always have to take the best you have. I had great luck together with such great coaches to work together and made a better football. If I also make the football comparisons from then and now that’s another world for me.

+++ Lewandowski greets the fans in his home +++

The football is the most popular Lewandowski in the world and I feel the support of the Polish fans. They support me every day and I hope to be an inspiration for the young fans.

+++ Bavaria star via his vote +++

For me personally, I always look at the offensive players. But what Jericho has won on titles was a lot. He also shot important goals and has contributed a lot to his way. You do not have to say much about Ronaldo or Messi.

+++ Lewandowski over the balloon d’or +++

Each award has its own rules. For me is always the most important when players and trainers are allowed to vote. An individual price is of course beautiful, but most important are the titles with the team.

+++ Lewandowski about the Haaland rumors +++

I understand the football and I also understand what’s going on in the background. My contract does not expire in summer, which is why I stay calm and focus on my footballing performance.

+++ How long makes Lewandowski still? +++

I still learn my body. If there is a border that I can move further forward, then I do that. I try to keep the level up, but I have to work a lot.

+++ Bavaria star is looking forward to congratulations +++

Every Bavaria staff congratulated me. I am very happy, because they are all behind me. And the award is also part of the team, because it would be impossible without my players. Each of my prices is also part of the team.

+++ Lewandowski about the Müller record +++

All records set up Herd Müller will help me to get better. If you see, there is a record, you always try to beat it. The record with most goals in the Bundesliga story is still far away. What I did last season with 41 goals was incredible. That was the biggest in the world at the moment.

+++ help the successes to stay with Bavaria? +++

If you show your Performance on the court, it does not matter if you play A, B or C team. I always want to show my best in the square. There are many rumors, but I focus on my job.

+++ Bavaria star for coordination of Lionel Messi, the Lewandowski did not choose +++

You have to ask him myself. At the balloon d’or he chose me among the top three. Now he has chosen differently, in the end is important what a result is. I can not say more, but I always chose him in second place.

+++ Lewandowski About the title +++

It makes you proud if you know the players and coaches have voted for you. The people who have worked in football and watched me have seen how I worked.

+++ Lionel Messi ignores Lewandowski +++

For Lionel Messi, the world footballer 2021 is called Neymar. The captain of the Argentine National Team gave his first voice to his PSG colleague. Followed by Dylan Mbappé and Karim Benzema by Real Madrid. Robert Lewandowski found no consideration at Messi.

+++ Bayern-Star claims against strong competition +++

At the end, Lewandowski sat down with 48 points before PSG-Start Lionel Messi (44 Points) and Liverpool Tor Hunter Mohamed Salah (39). BVB striker Star Erlang Haaland (7) landed on eleven.

+++ Lewandowski can defend titles +++

When choosing the balloon d’Or at the end of November, Robert Lewandowski went empty and landed surprisingly only on second place behind PSG-Star Lionel Messi. Now the Bayern goalkeeper has got his high-profile award. For the second time after 2020 he was elected The Best FIFA Men’s Player.