Nintendo Switch / PS4 “Mystery of a strangely universe Black Mant” to release on April 21st. Pretty and hard principal ancestor maiden shooting latest work

Domestic enterprise Satsuma Thai Co., Ltd. announced January 13, Mystery of the Artistic Black Many will be released on April 21st. The compatible platform is PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch, the price is 4180 yen including tax.

The latest work of Odor Disturbance series, Mystery of the Doubt Black Many. It corresponds to the sequel to the Super National Software Software Soft-Style Mysterious Black Many released from Nature in 1992. Development will work with the team Tango Project in the Natsumatari consisting of the staff involved in the previous work. The 16bit taste at that time is to be powered up with graphic and sound as it is, and it is a cute and hard action shooting.

Maiden’s sleeping maiden who will be the main character of this work is moving in eight directions with the four-way cross key. She uses attacks such as bill thorns, bombers and return mirrors. She also uses sliding and so on, and we will expand and go through a maiden-like technique such as an inquiry or a jurisdiction. Life gauge increased MAX due to stage progression. Items can be obtained from the way and so on.

For example, if you pick up a power ball, you will strengthen your bill attack. In addition to powering up to three stages by taking the same color, the attack method changes by taking a different color ball. A man who can expand the barrier and a gentle ball that increases the bomber stock, a certain time, a Shiva dog that can be invincible for a certain period of time. However, if the remaining time goes to 0, it is a game over and player out even if the life gauge disappears. Pick up dumplings and tea and recover life gauges. In this work, others can also operate the magician of a Danube that will be continued from the previous work. In addition, five new characters will appear, and five characters of five people are added, and five new characters of the Flora of the Goddess Amenouzume, Keisha, who will be a new character.

As the mode, Story mode chasing the mystery of black cloak. This will be able to play in the Extra mode by collecting coins that drop the enemy during the game. It is said that people who are not good at action games are adjusted to the difficulty of playing until the end. In addition, free mode to choose your favorite character from 5 people and challenge all stages clear. This corresponds to multiplayer, and two cooperative play is possible. Nintendo Switch version can also play in a good play.

The mystery of the strangely black many is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch on April 21. The price is 4180 yen including the package version and the DL version.