Blizzard has failed with LEGO – Overwatch

The bad image of Activision Blizzard as a toxic workplace with sexism and discrimination in everyday life now often concerns cooperation with other companies. Some companies had already announced Check the future relationship with Activision Blizzard , Now LEGO also lets further facts follow: The building block company moves an explicit for February Explicitly because of Doubt the progress for a better job culture With Activision Blizzard .

The day on which everything changed: Timeline of the Blizzard Scandal

Opinion of LEGO to postpone an Overwatch set

The full opinion of a Lego speaker is followed as follows: We currently review our partnership with Activision Blizzard, as we have concerns about progress made to the continuing allegations in the workplace culture, in particular the treatment of female colleagues and the creation of a diverse and inclusive environment to tackle. While completing this review, we will expose the publication of a Lego-Oververwatch-2 product, which should come to trade on 1 February 2022. (Bathe Brick fan)

Which Lego set to Overwatch 2 is affected?

The affected LEGO set is called LEGO SCRATCH 2 76980 TITAN : are two minifigures from Ma and Tracer, as well as the naming titan, a large mechanical monster with electric light functions: Lego does not want to do anything with Blizzard — Overwatch Set shifted (1) Source: Lego Against this opponent and other robots, the Overwatch heroes have already fought in the Cinematic trailer to Overwatch 2.

When the Lego set finally appears, is unknown and is probably currently negotiated between representatives of the two companies. In any case, it is clear that the Blizzard scandal is now explicitly concerned by the profits of Activision Blizzard — so the games Group is hit where it hurts.

Release from Overwatch 2 also postponed

In addition to the LEGO set, the release of Overwatch 2 itself remains. The Sequel to the online shooter has been moved further, when it comes exactly, is now only in the rumor kitchen, which even speaks of 2023 as a year of publication. However, the developers emphasize that there is currently no official info to release.