Bunny boys in Final Fantasy XIV Buy Pole Dance

January 4 players final Fantasy XIV can purchase a new piece of furniture for their homes: a pole dance pole. The joy of the item, however, was tempered by disappointment.

To this item go: On January 4 in FFI Patch seemed 6.05 and brought a number of new content with it. In addition to the epic mode for the Raid Pandemonium and treasure maps Dungeon Exploration there was also a lot of new items. Underneath: a pole dance pole.

This is a new piece of furniture that can be placed in the accommodation of the players. It is available in the casino Gold Saucer and costs only 2,000 MAP that anyone can very quickly accumulate.

So the players react: On Reddit have item Humor was received. The big thread on the subject of over 5,400 up votes was titled New MGP-Item. You have done it real and was filled with comments like:

Rulers [erotic role players] were buffed. — BunnehCakez
Now just massage tables and the game is perfect. — Arise
As they have now added the bunnies guys, I’m full of it. — imchalk36

Accordingly, so many players and so many players has looked forward to placing a good piece in the home. This joy, however, was muted, remarked as the euphoric buyers that it is not possible to interact with the rod.

On the emote command / dance has no effect and dissolves only the standard animations from. The bar itself seems to have no hit box, so you can walk through them. The bad news made in accordance with one or other of disappointment because they had so much looked forward to extensive testing of the new piece of furniture.

But the creativity of the FFI community knows no boundaries and some disappointed players have quickly turned into the furniture. Since it can not be used as a proper dance pole, it had to hold out as a temporary replacement for the toilet pipe in some households, for example.

FFXIV: Pole Dancing Housing Item!
Even if the pole dance bar its desired effect has not provided or only partially, it has nonetheless caused some laughs.

But other players could be the fun does not spoil and postmen rows of screenshots and videos of their characters along with the pole dance pole.

Especially with the players and players of male Vera, who have become fresh with End walker to a playable race in FFI, the new piece of furniture seems to be well-received. On social media you will find various videos and screenshots of hares guys and the rod.

Where does the item? The rod itself is not a new item. Already in the add-on Shadow Bringers there was an establishment where you can watch as dancers interact with the rods in Elmore. Both sexes have their own move sets that are specifically adapted to it.

Therefore, some players suggest that the pole dance pole is a sign that this could emote may soon appear in the cash shop.

Until now, data miners have found no evidence of such emotes in the code. Will be that the buying interest but quite high, is probably out of the question.

If you consider well, in FFI reinzuschauen times, you have currently but bad luck:

Final Fantasy XIV sets the sale because it is simply too popular