Zombie Army 4: Dead War points to a launch in Nintendo Switch after registering in Europe

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The success of Nintendo Switch in sales, with about 100 million consoles sold before the Christmas campaign, is not elusive to the different companies in the sector who continue to finance adaptations of some of its productions. The last to be able to reach the hybrid system aims to be Zombie Army 4: Dead War.


The information comes through the European Content Classification System, better known by its acronym in English Peg, which listed this December 31. The launch of this terrify er shooter of the creators of Sniper Elite 4. Now it is only necessary to wait for any communiqué or trailer by Rebellion, confirming it, although your ad can be reserved for any future Nintendo Direct.

It’s landing on the Japanese system could coincide with the second anniversary of its launch, when it premiered on PC, PS4 and Xbox One proposing players to save humanity from a non-death apocalypse in the middle of the second war World. Focus on the forces of darkness in cassowaries full channels, survive the zombies zoo and address in dark and unspeakable environments in which no one has entered… and lived to tell it!, They present their authors.

If you want to know more, or hesitate to take a look at the analysis of Zombie Army 4: Dead War published on the 3D-game pages that he said in his final lines: It’s the best title of the saga, and a whole step forward in the correct address.

Meanwhile, in Nintendo Switch is also available Zombie Army Trilogy, a pack that includes up to three campaigns to end up with hundreds of enemies.