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Mounts are available in World of Warcraft a dime a dozen, but some of these mounts arouse particular desires. Heard the Light forged war armor undoubtedly contribute, she does not see only chic, but can also pay a little Much Warrior feeling in Zeroth. However, the Mount has a small catch: You do not get just descent. Denn so you defender Juliana, the delegates of the Army of Light on Argus the Light forged war armor sold, you must not only invest 500,000 gold, but also exalted with the army have attained the light. As you accomplished easiest on this, we tell you now in this reputation Guide.

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Awesome for the Light forged war armor

To farm reputation with the Army of Light, you have the following options:

Weekly quests
World quests and Abgesandtenquests
Quests Argus

If you complete the quest regular campaign on Argus, you will receive for certain quests each certain amounts of Renown points in the army of light. Should you so far had no foot Argus have set, it is worthwhile in any case to complete the quest line there. Can be found on Towhead a full list of quests, get for their reputation in the army of light.

In addition, there are two weekly quests that you can finish her to get 1,000 reputation points each:

Fuel a damn world
Invasion offensive

Also, you World quests for reputation can conclude, with her following things should note:

World quests for the Army of Light in Broken and Antorischen wasteland each grant 150 reputation points.
Rare elite quests in all zones Argus grant reputation with the Army of Light.

To unlock the world quests in Argus, you must complete the respective quest Argus campaign:

World quests in Broken: The child of light and shadow
World quests in the Antorischen wasteland: The Burning Heart
World quests in Petrified Forest: Quiet, Brown!
World quests in the Path’raxasfestung: On a high throne

The envoys quest rewarded the army of light you as usual with 1500 reputation points.

insignia of the Army of Light

Finally, you can increase the so-called insignia your call in the army of light. This insignia gets her by you complete the missions Despicable echoes and No Return with your followers in the religious hall. To unlock these missions, you have previously quests remains of Dark fallen ridge and the ruins of Ronald in Broken or Breath complete.

The missions reward of light for 250 reputation points and the Great Insignia of the Army of Light for 750 reputation points you with the Insignia of the Army. The Great Inside contained islands with luck in the bonus chest Big Tribute devastated when her an insignia mission concludes. You can watch the Insignia of the Army of Light also of invasion bosses get on Argus.

Considering finally that you have several ways to speed up your Regrind:

Patch 9.1 Full Reputation Guide! | Unlocking Crafter's Marks | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide
Soul stone of a demon: prey of elite opponents at Argus (one drop per day), increase your reputation with the factions of the Broken Isles and Argus in use by 1,000 points.
Dark moon cylinder and Dark moon Buff Hippie! Renown bonus of ten percent
Bonus Event: World quests Renown bonus of 50 percent

Did you reach exalted with the army of light and has a capacity of at least 500,000 gold, you can buy the Light forged war armor in defending Juliana? You can find the Drained on the upper level of the Vindicate in Argus. We wish you much fun with your new mount!

Source | Towhead



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