Lineage will get Berserka

Burial place Raider is an action-adventure computer game developed by Crystal Characteristics and dispersed by Square Enix. It is the tenth title of the Tomb Raider and the 5th title established by Crystal Dynamics. The game is a reboot of the collection and tells the beginnings of the lead character of the collection, Lara Croft. It is the very first video game of the series to be categorized Fully grown (M) by the ESB and 18 by PEG. The video game was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Beginning and also Steam on March 1, 2013, for macOS on January 23, 2014, as well as for PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One on January 31, 2014, as Burial Place Raider: Definitive Edition.

While we are waiting impatiently for the premiere of Lineage in (the European version was supposed to start at the turn of November and December this year, but nothing had happened)…

… NCS oft announced the first in the history of the Collaboration Event game, which will introduce characters, monsters and feature elements from Berserk.

As if someone did not know, Berserk is a real classic manga (1989) and anime (1997), which achieved a huge success in the world. Mainly by their dark climate (Dark-Fantasy) and really a large dose of brutality.

History focuses on Guts’s fate, orphaned mercenary and his relations with Griffith, the leader of the Sonora team.

Guts also known as a black fencer or killer one hundred. The main hero of anime and manga. At the beginning, it seems a person for whom the only goal in life is fighting. Only later, we meet him as a faithful friend and a wonderful companion. As a baby, he was found by Size, a mercenary wife named Gambino, in the puddle of blood and fetal waters of his mother, which was hanged on the tree. From the child he grew up among the mercenary department, trained by his dressed father on the warrior. A few years later, Guts joins the Soon team, where he served as an assault commander. Guts in Kokomo was the right hand of Griffith and a man from wet robots. After the Sonora team during a century war tilts victory to the side of the kingdom of Midland, Guts leaves Sooty. When there are disturbing news about the imprisonment of Griffith and scattering the band decides to come back. Together with CANCA, Pippin and Judea reflect Griffith.

Lineage W gameplay - Lineage W Teases New Collaboration coming up | Lineage W x BERSERK

Shortly thereafter, Griffith during the eclipse condemn to death a whole team of Sonora and rapes CANCA. Guts is experiencing despite serious wounds (loss of hand and eye), but from now on, the GRIFFITH revolver and all the apostles. He becomes a black fencer, a traveler world, fighting with apostles and monsters.

The official trailer, which shows how Berserk exercises in Lineage in: