Star Citizen recovers a very loved game mode by players in his new update

Star Citizen has impressed science fiction lovers by multiple reasons : by trailers that resemble movies of the most detailed and, added to this experience, by offering advanced technology to increase the sensation of immersion. Despite all this, the game is still not finished, but that does not remove Cloud Imperial Games Lance updates for your alpha phase.

The next STAR Citizen update will be launched at the end of January 2022 On this occasion, the Star Citizen community can already experience the benefits of the version alpha 3.16, which is named Return to Jump town To anticipate the return of a game mode very admired by the players. Following this, the developers recover the characteristics of the Uptown event, which will now be called Jump town 2.0, where we will participate in a confrontation between law enforcement and criminal factions that wish to take control of a load of illegal narcotics.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 NOW LIVE - What You Need To Know!

But this update has more surprises saved for the community, since Jump town 2.0 is accompanied by news as improvements in the floating vehicle handling or the new ship Cutlass Steel. In addition, Cloud Imperial Games prepares us for the next update of the game by advancing more information about the abandoned boats, where daring players will find traps, puzzles and great rewards.

The next Update of Star Citizen will reach End of January 2022, so users can already squeeze Uptown 2.0 mode before facing the next content, content. After all, this spatial proposal does not stop evolving, which has made the community fulfill with the title and, therefore, it is achieved to raise great sums of money.